O.S Production Series:Pre-Production

O.S Production Series

Didn't have the time to update my blog for the past 5 days due to pre-production and production for this film. Things have been pretty hectic, and I haven't get to touch my computer for more than 5 days. Exhausted. But it was really fun for the past few days.

During the pre-production we had our cast meeting, script meeting, budget meeting, schedule meeting etc. Everything happened within a month, it was so fast that it has been a month! Last Tuesday was our very last meeting with both the cast and the crew. It was so awesome but yet exhausted. Cos I have been in school for more than 6 hours just to do the meeting. However, it was still a joyous and bearable cast meeting.

However, lady luck does not seem to be on our side on the day before our actual shoot in Chung Cheng, a terrible incident happened. The shock of the entire crew life! But luckily we managed to solved it with the help of our Art Director Liping.

Watch my first Vlog, and take a look at our Pre-production! Pardon my eye bag and my bare face. HEHE

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