Be a Tokyo Luxey!


All of us know that Japan has a great cosmetics industry, and people from around that world trusted and love Japan cosmetics products. I believe many of us would have heard of brands such as Kosé, Shiseido, Dolly wink, SKII and so on. 

I believe the above brands have made fans of Japan Cosmetics scream a little, but I am really sure that Tokyo Luxey is going to make all the Fans scream at their top of the lungs. Are you ready? 

Tokyo Luxey supplies high quality Japanese Cosmetics, you will be one of the first to get products outside Japan. The Luxe beauty and lifestyle goods includes makeup, skincare, healthcare , hair and many more that you ladies are concern of. Tokyo Luxey do share video on skincare and most amazingly makeup technique by famous Japanese Makeup artist! Isn't Tokyo Luxey awesome?

SO.. How can YOU be considered as a Luxey?

YOUR role as a Luxey!! The most exciting moment after being accepted as a LUXEY!!!

I would say it's pretty easy to be an Luxey! Just click here to sign up! Sign up in 3 simple steps! 

Read the terms and condition for a better understanding! 

Fill up the 
referral name: Wabbithan 
referral email:

After you have submitted the form do wait for review patiently. It usually takes up a day for the review to be processed.

And TaDa! You will be the next Luxey!


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