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A daily routine that gals do every single day without fail. I think it's a little unbearable if gals with long hair doesn't clean their hair everyday. Thanks to the heat, and the scorching sun that Sunny Singapore has.

According to two of New York's for most hair pros, hair stylist Nunzio Savino and Kyle White  one should actually washes their hair in a specific manner in order to achieve a hair that everyone is envious about.

At first I was quite doubtful about all these. Cause I never had smooth, non-frizzy hair before. Like zero! I tried loads of product before to make my hair smooth but everything just didn't make it happened. So I was kinda in a state of giving up. This Hair Care Routine was somewhat the last thing I would wanna try to make my hair better. I was grateful that I did. Haha. Cos I can literally see the difference right after I did the procedures. I had smooth, non-frizzy, shining hair the very next day. Felt in love with my hair.


The difference very big hor. I said bye bye to my fizzy hair! :D

I know you are excited about what makes my hair a 360degree change, so I am gonna reveal it now! :D

Comb your hair
Well, this is like the very first step right before you wash your hair. By combing your hair before a nice wash, can untangle strand of hairs and prevent further tangling when rinsing.

I always forgot to comb my hair before shampooing, and it makes my hair real tangled. What's more, I comb my tangled hair with force some more.. No wonder my hair will frizz.. :(

Rinse you hair
Before adding shampoo onto your hair, one should rinse their hair thoroughly wet. Based on the two stylist it would be good to rinse your hair with hot or warm water. Cos hot water will open the cuticle, which is good for removing any dirt or product that has been rapped in the hair. On the other hand, when is rinsed with warm water, it loosens the oils through the scalp, open up the cuticles allowing the hair to absorb the oils in the conditioner.

Condition your long hair first.
I was shock when I saw this, most of us would have only apply our beloved conditioner after shampooing our hair. But, it would be better if girls with long hair like mine, that are beneath the shoulders its good to apply small amount of conditioner through them and rinse them lightly before any shampooing. This procedure can protect fragile ends from dying out and further damage, this can also keep ends healthy, filling any holes in the cuticles with moisture.

It's time to shampoo your hair!!
There is no need for one to use more than a palm full of shampoo, a quarter-sized amount of shampoo is enough.Unless you hair are particularly long and thick like Rapunzel ones, it will be okay to double the amount.

It will be good if one were to lather up from roots to the ends and only to shampoo at the scalp, especially at the nape.

Gentle is the key.
Yes! Be gentle to your hair, being rough to your hair may damage your hair's cuticle permanently. Why? Cause of FRICTION, these friction can lead to breakage and frizz to our hair.

The stylist suggest to start lather at the roots, and wash your hair using vertical strokes with medium pressure. White warned not used circular motions as this may causes tangle in our hair.

Next,White also advises, smooth the lather over the ends in a straight stroking motion, and no to scrub the fragile ends or use a back and forth motion.

Condition your hair the right way.
Before applying conditional to our fragile hair, squeeze out the excess water from our hair. Right after apply conditional from the mid-length down to the tip. I love squeezing out water from my hair, its like drying up a cloth in a gentle way~ hehee.

Don't get so anxious about rinsing away the conditional, clip it up and leave it on your hair. Do showering first then rinse away the conditional. It's said that the longer the conditional is being left on the hair, the better it absorbs. However, never apply conditional at the roots, cause our roots will secrete oil out naturally.

Rinse off with COLD WATER.
Don't be afraid of the cold. People say 爱美不要命 (it means sacrifices for the beauty) so here we need to be brave, in order to get smooth, non-frizzy hair~ Remember cold water will shut our cuticle tight, resulting our hair to reflect light and shine!

This works for me pretty well, so why not give it a try too? And then say bye bye to dry and frizzy hair! I am proud of my hair now, and be the next person to be proud of your hair! 
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