Ello peeps! Wabbithan has been real busy lately with school and assignments. Being in the second year of poly really makes me wanna scream at my top of my lungs, it's hectic! Yes! It is. So I am really sorry if I have been missing for weeks. And for those who are waiting for the contest to come, do give me some time, it will be out soon. And a sneak preview, the prize is gonna be a $10 worth of Starbucks card! Hooray! 

Okay, so in this series of BACK TO SCHOOL, dear Wabbithan is gonna resolve the problems of getting fonts. Designers know the pain of having lack of fonts, lack of brushes and so on. Lately I have been pestered by friends, juniors, classmates about fonatics (is there such a word? okay whatever). I wasn't really annoyed by it, but I hated it so much to repeat myself like 10 thousand times, so here I will give a general tip to everyone on where can you get fonts you like. Yes! fonts! 

Finding fonts isn't that hard, yes it takes time, but it's all worth it when you are in need of them! So here, I would recommend a few font websites where you can download free and awesome fonts! Excited? 

According to them they should have 1001 fonts available for you to download, but I ain't sure how many are there cos I didn't go and count. you can try counting and tell me how many fonts they have? hahaha. 

If you ain't sure about how the outcome would look like using one of the fonts you can actually type the word in the your text box, and then you can view how your outcome would be. How awesome right! Eliminated the time and your brain cells to imagine how it would look like! 

One of my favourite font websites! You will know why I love them until you check them out! Hahaha. Well, if you love old school fonts like I do, you will love this! Cos those font are supposedly some fonts that people don't used these days. that's why is called LOST TYPE!

Some of you may have already heard of this website. But for the sake of those who don't, let me just give you a brief on it. 

Dafont is attractive in a way that they have thousand of fonts for you to choose, literally. 

And it has been categorise into different types of fonts, like dingbats, san-serif, serif, old school, fancy, calligraphy and more

Dafont does not just stop at where it is. It is always updating its fonts, so you can never get a stagnant font design in this awesome website.

Since you can have library for books and why not have a library just for fonts! These fonts are being packed up in the shelves neatly. You can look for them through the catalogue. OR you can just browse through all types of fonts it can have for you. How awesome right! 

I love this website the most. Cause you can create your icon using this website! Which means, this is a good news for designers, we can save the trouble of opening up our Photoshop to edit the colours of the icon or having trouble making a new icon. This website has all it got! Don't get scared over the login in and sign up. its all free! 

What's more you can actually customised your very own icon! how cool and great is that right!

For more updates of fonts you can follow my board on Pinterest! There will be a regular updates of fonts up there. :D

I hope all these give helps you loads. Fonts don't come by easily, you need to search for them all the time okay. Take your time in doing all the research you can. Enjoy your weekends~ Love this post, share it with your friends! 

For customised blog post do email me at zelenelmt@gmail.com~ :D 

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