Overloaded with accounts.

Hi guys!

Hectic hectic week, but I decide to invest some of my time to blog. Cos looks like there is a really huge drop in my readership. :( sob* Continue to vote for the contest survey k! I really do wanna know what you guys like!

Back track back track. Right now, it is the era of social media network, everyone are somewhat being forced to own at least one of the accounts below.


Do own most of them? Yea, I do.
and there they are.

Do you still remember the reason why you first created Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dayre? I wondered why, and I went on thinking why I first created them.To my horror, I realised I created them just because everyone is using it.

Yes, it was the pressure from my peers, teachers, siblings that made me want to own a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram account. Oh my. This is pretty scary. The influence from peers and family are usually the biggest factor to why you wanna get the "thing", cause its trending and no one would wish to be left out.

But. Is this too much? I personally think it is, there are so many different social media accounts that we can join, can create, and managed. It's true that we can conveniently share your thoughts, status, pictures onto these platforms, however, I can't imagine if I were to update every single social media platform that I have, probably that would take me an hour or more! goodness!

Social media platforms are continuing to grow and growing bigger, and probably even more platforms where netizens can join. But is there a need for it? Honestly speaking, Facebook has become a platform for me to play candy crush and be informed by my lecturers, that's all. It's so tiring don't you think so? Having to live as a person is tiring enough, and I still have to managed the virtue me. Oh my god.

I feel that we need to somehow put a full stop to social media networks. Can we just stick to what we have now, and please stop creating different platforms that we humans create the account just to satisfy our vanity.

Share your thoughts with me in the comment box! :D

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