This blog post is specially dedicated to the Singapore Chinese Film Festival team for making this wonderful journey a successful and memorable one. When I was helping out as a volunteer, time seems to fly really quickly, as there are too many things to learn and look out for. Even though, at many times I felt exhausted, I never regretted this entire journey being a volunteer. 

Honestly speaking, this journey was like a dream to me. In this dream of reality, I learnt many many things that my textbook doesn't teach. I have seniors to share experience with me on running an event, on directing, being an actor, know how to choose cast and many many more that I don't get to know in class. 

Director Kiwi Chow is an awesome director who actually shared with me his experience as a student in film school and also in filming. Even though I frequently asked basic questions on films, he still remained patient and explained to me. I was really grateful that he gave me tips on being a film student in school. Even though the time spent with Director Chow was only a short 3 days journey, but to me it was like a few hours with him. I have got too many things to learn from him, I really do hope that I can meet up with him one day if I were to be in Hong Kong. 

Even though I was not in charge of Mr Shih Jun, I was still excited to see his 庐山真面目. Cause I used to watch this super old classic movie called the 龙门客栈, and he was really handsome then. I know He might be old now, but don't judge, he is still very good looking okay! Mr Shih Jun has gotten many awards since he was a young actor, but remain humble and even gave me his name card, telling me look for him if I happened to be in Taiwan. How nice is that! 

The above pictures somewhat sums up my days with my first batch of guest:D

Went back to reality for a few days before  my next batch of guests arrives.

Honestly speaking, I wasn't that close to Director Ho Hong and Actor Fish during in this journey. It's my fault, as I didn't put in more effort in doing the hospitality during this journey due to my studies. T^T

Nonetheless, the two of them are really nice and awesome people to hang out with, especially Fish. Fish is a very out-going actor and she is really really funny and cute. Lastly, Fish also shared her experience with me on how she has fare for her documentary film when she was still in film school. And she tip on me never ever ever tries to control your victim in documentary films. How nice to be tip by a beauty. :D haha. 

The journey didn't end here. I was rather lucky to meet with Director Yang Li Zhou who film two of my favourite films My Dear Granny, and The Long Goodbye. 

Of course, the behind the scenes people are mainly he ones who made this journey a memorable one. Thank you the organisers, The Film Society and SIM University for organising this Festival. And I am really grateful that everyone here gave me this chance to help out in two batches of guests where I have learnt many different things from. Most importantly, I get to establish this friendship with the volunteers as well as the organisers. Lastly, I would like to take this chance to apologise as well, do forgive me if I have done anything wrong during this festival. 

This Festival may have ended, but I believe that this ending is gonna be a new beginning. 



我得承认我自己这个小角色也不能说帮上什么大忙,但是我恨感激主办者愿意让我这个朦朦胧胧、什么都不会的小妹妹去接何康导演,周冠威导演, 石雋先生和廖子妤小姐。即使与他们相处的期间非常的短暂,但是他们却无时无刻都在给予我养分,教会我拍戏,导戏的技巧,好多好多都非课本所得的。

虽然今年的新加坡华语电影接已经落幕了,但是我相信这只不过是另一个更美好的开始。能够在这里认识到这么多和我一样是影痴的前辈们和学习关于电影的点点滴滴,这一切都必须感谢Singapore Film Society 以及新躍大学。更重要的是,在这期间受大家的照顾了。两个星期的幸苦、欢乐、与兴奋虽然都结束了,但是我相信我们会有更美好的第三、第四届的华语电影界的!谢谢大家。感恩。

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