Carousell Ice Cream Wars


Hey people have you heard of this? Yes! The Carousell Ice Cream Wars! :D I can't wait to see the result which is gonna end in 7 days time! *Excited ttm* Why issit called an Ice Cream Wars? Cause its a fight between the 5 Polytechnics, The Ngee Ann Poly *whistle*, Singapore Poly, Republic Poly, Temasek Poly and Nanyang Poly. I am pretty bias here, hehee, of course I wanna my school to win this war lah. Why? Cause the winning poly gets to have free ice cream for a day! YESH! Anyone out there that dislike free things are insane.OOOps.

What are we gonna get after winning this Ice Cream Wars, of course it will be ice cream lah. Like DUH! Come on, I know you are excited but can you kindly chill down. Yeap.  Carousell is bring in a  new Ice Cream brand called the JWEL that is sponsored by the F&N Creameries. 

Do you love Caramel? If you love Caramel as much as I do, then hurry up and join this awesome contest k! JWEL Ice Cream in Caramel flavour is cloaked in a melt-in-your-mouth almond-crusted chocolate shell. That's what it say on the website. I can't wait to see if its really melt-in-your mouth.

In order to get the Free Ice Cream day by Carousell, Ngee Ann students needs to come together and win this war! It's really simple, first click on the photo below. 

Then go on and sign up for Carousell. 

They will then send you a verification email to you school email, for Ngee Ann Peep it will be your Once you have verified you are a Ngee Ann Student, you will be part of this war! :D How great isn't it? 

Right now, the leading school is NGEE ANN POLYTECHNIC! Whoohoo! *whistle* 

Yeap. yeap. Ngee Ann all the way. Hope Singapore Poly don't over take us. hehehe. Okay, I shall stop being a meano. So Ngee Ann peeps if you wanna win this Ice Cream war, please please please join this Ice Cream War by Carousell okay? 

To what the website say, its only available to the POLY for now, but they promise to come up with more of something like a kind. So do wait patiently okay? I am sure everyone will get their chance to win something! :D 

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