[CONTEST] I love being a Blogger


Unlike most of my friends and bloggers in Singapore, I started out blogging frequently only in about a year ago? I have a rather different point of view towards blogging when I was still a teenager. Why would I say different, well, I don't blog using popular blogging websites like Blogspot and Wordpress. Really strange, I decided to choose a medium called the Wretch.cc, which as already closed down many months back. I am not too sure if you have heard of it.. Have you? 

The funny thing is that, I never had developed the interest in blogging when I was in my Secondary School days, I hate sharing my private life with people around me. I feel that blogs are something where I can rant about and keep it as a secret. But things changed recently. 

 Honestly speaking, I had almost zero connections to many many bloggers out there in Singapore. Some of my friends maybe bloggers, however, I am not that close to them. Yeap. OH oh, and most likely you wouldn't even have heard of my name WABBITHAN at all. That's pretty normal if you hadn't, it's really okay~ 

Many will reason the love for blogging comes from being able to receive free samples or sponsors by writing reviews, or from collaborations with different companies ranging from blogshops to skin care. Well, my story is a little different. Okay, I would admit that I would also love to get free sample and be able to hold certain brands on my blog. However, that's wasn't the reason why I started out blogging. 

The story between me and blogging has to start about 3 years back. Back then I was still a Secondary school kid, I have this group of friends where they usually ask me questions. Questions about gals, to fashion, to blog, to school, to eat. Almost anything under the sky they can think of could be possibly a question. I felt like I was a walking guide to my friends. This didn't just happened within my clique and even friends that are from my CCA, my course too, ask me question as if I know everything under the sky. 

Yup, this was me and my babe when I was still around 14? Yeap. 

 And I got pretty much fed up because of being questioned by people around me about things that are unfamiliar to me. I don't know everything under the sky. Yes, I don't. But my friends didn't stop what they have been doing. 

Why am I telling you this story? Well, it kinda links up to why I developed the interest in blogging. Because, of being question by the same question over and over again, I decided to set up a blog and answer all the questions that my friends have. Yeap, so many post are actually questions asked by my friends. 

Now, the interest for sharing about my life as a Polytechnic student to everyone else in Singapore or even the world, makes me smile. Its really a pleasure and it's pleasant to be able to share the things around myself to the people around me. :D 

One more thing that make me fall in love with blogging is that seeing the statistics of my audience to be increasing each day is something that I enjoyed a lot. Cause it somewhat has this accomplishment for me. Blogging changed my life, it brings me fun, knowledge, supporters, and even the improvement of my English writing skills. I became more outspoken each day as I blog on. This is something I couldn't get being a non-blogger. I could see the great difference that I am having now compare the time when I was still a much younger teen. 

I hope to continue this exciting journey and bringing much more guides to teenagers like me! 

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