Back to school series is back again~ Are u missing this series? Well, School has started last week right? Maybe not. Haha, lucky me starts school tomorrow. Cos last week was actually an orientation week for my faculty, so what happens is that the year 2 doesn't have to go to school for the first week! Yippeee to the School of Humanities and Social Sciences! :D 

But oh hey, school starts tomorrow.. *clap clap* Back to reality, no more sleeping till late afternoons, or watch romantic Korean drama series at 3a.m. in the morning. Even though, I have an extra week of holiday, my school starts off horribly with a test. Oh great, a test on the first day of school, how nice would that be arh? Not at all lah. 

So for newbies who still can't get use to the life of waking up early at 6a.m. or having the perks of studying of focusing. Here are some tips for you. 

I am really sure that everyone has the problem of waking up like @##OF*_dajkf! early in the morning lah. 

So tip number one to FIX YOUR SCREWED UP BODY CLOCK. 
YES, like many of you I have the problem of waking up early enough.

1. Getting up early. (LIKE DUH! I ALSO KNOW!) Although its like a duh, but that's the only solution to fix your damn screwed up body clock. Waking up early will make you sleep earlier in the night, continue it for a few days, and there you will be able to wake up early enough.

2. However waking up early is not enough. After you woke up do exposed yourself to SUNLIGHT! This allows your body to be aware that its daytime, and its time to wake-y wake-y~

3. If caffeine works for you, then very well. Drink a cup of coffee or tea, to keep yourself awake in the morning. So you can push yourself into the night. :D (But this doesn't work for Wabbithan, cos caffeine doesn't take effect on her D:) 

4. You may need to have a complicated relationship with your bed for a few days. Get as far as from your bed if you are not gonna sleep. Generally, for me, whenever I am doing my stuff on the bed, I will tend to nua (relax). 

5. If you are a late sleeper like I am, I would suggest you to force yourself onto the bed. Relax yourself. And sleep. If this still doesn't work for you, you could head down to the gym and do some exercise, make your body a bit more tired than usual, don't over exhaust your body. Cos you will end up waking late again. 

Is this your definition of study? Honestly speaking, that kinda fits my definition of study. I have problem with focusing for more than 30 minutes, unless I love the subject or I am interested in the topic. (This is commonly seen in most of us right? nod if you agrees) OH well, you maybe thinking, okay why u should heed my tips if I can't even focus! 

Then I would say, I have been through it and I have overcome this stage where I got distracted while I am studying. So Here, I shall give you some of my tips on HOW I OVERCOME ALL THE DISTRACTIONS AND FOCUS FOR MORE THAN 30 MINUTES? My longest record was 2.5hours straight. I was shock when I did it. I am still trying to break this record. 

1. Find you study spot. I think I mentioned this in one of the post. Yeap. I did. In my very first Back To School Series. To add on from there, I really do feel that study spot is the most important thing ever. You can boost your concentration if you get the nice and sweet study spot. As for me, I cannot concentrate if there are people talking right beside me and I need light music (preferably cafe music) in order to focus. In my previous post I did say that I chose a noisy area to study, cos I can't hear specific talking. They are just mumbles. I am pretty fine with that. SO, do find you study spot. 

2. Set objectives. Do set a goal for yourself when you are doing your work. Setting a goal allows you to concentrate more, you will have the urge to finish what you have set at the start of your studying process. 

3. Get away from your distractions. IF your phone is a distraction to you, turn it into airplane mode, or throw it into your bag, or you can even throw it somewhere far from you. However, if you are outside studying with your friend, ask your friend to keep your phone away for you. This pretty much works for me :D. But for many poly students the main concern is actually the laptop isn't it? Yes, laptops can excess to more social media websites compared to phone. What I would suggest is not to have any social media tabs on your window. 

4.Change topic. Studying the same thing over and over again will bore you. Yes, it will bore me, so I think it does the same to you. Changing topic allows you to keep your mind afresh. And with a change your mind will not get bored. 

5. Give yourself 5minutes breaks. One will not be able to work without breaks, therefore breaks are essentials in between studies. However, don't give yourself 5 minutes breaks every now and then. This will need to go back to point 2 Setting objectives, give yourself breaks only after you finish a topic or 10 questions. Or even every 40 minutes. Because I have a short attention span, I usually gives myself 1 minutes break every 20 minute. and a 5 minute break after an hour. Yeap. 

But at times, I don't really need that 1 minutes break every 20minute. Cos I would push myself to reach the an hour 5 minute break.  

These are not just the things that poly students have to get use to.. There are so many things that students need to get use to. Getting use to not having enough time to go shopping, or meeting up with friends. Maintaining a friendship is like a whole lot of difficulties when you get to meet so many new friend in poly. In addition with piled up of assignments, where got time to shop for new clothes lah!  If you are wondering how to, you can read them up on my previous back to school series, and Guide one maintaining Awesome Friendship!

Hope all this helps. :D 

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