Good News for the Deaf Community.

There is a piece of good news for the deaf community. Have you read the news? The Grey Group Singapore is gonna launch not just one but two apps just for the deaf! :D I love this piece of news. This is way too awesome. I know, this may not concern you. But hey, if you have any deaf friend kindly spread this to them lah. Okay. 

This two apps are there to help bridge the communication between the hearing and the deaf community, how nice is that right! I know it's way too awesome the lah. If you have heard the news, the applications are called the Say It With Signs, while the other is called the Hearing Aide

Though, we always take for granted of our very own hearings, but many out there are yearning for them. Why? The Deaf Community are always facing dangers when they are out on the streets. Dangers are always possessing them, not knowing if there was a car honking, or fire alarm was ringing away. Or even not know that there are a bicycle behind them. Such dangers, might cause them to lost their life. 

Let's start off with The Hearing Aide. I love this app, cause this apps allows the deaf to "hear". Hearing Aide is able to provides the Deaf community with support when there is emergencies by processing ambient sounds and transmit these sound into visual and kinetic notifications to its user. And I find this application rather meticulous, cos it will notify the users via a 20 seconds vibration and a visual message displayed on the mobile phone screen. 

The best thing is that there are 5 standard alarms like the ambulance, fire brigade, police sirens, fire alarm and smoke detector already preset in the app itself. How nice right! You must have been wondering, only 5 alarms then older dangers how to alert them?

The Grey Group Singapore has already spotting out this, and there, the Deaf Community are able to customise the sounds according to their needs. The apps can add sounds between 90-120dB into the databank of alert sounds and renaming labels of the notifications to warning message, according to the user's preference.                                                             

And then the very next happy apps for the deaf is Say It With Signs

This is really amazing, since deaf people are deaf they are not able to talk across the phone like everyone else. So their communications are usually through Text messages. But we don't always text message, especially under the case where one is driving. 

Say It With Signs allow the the caller to call the deaf, this apps will process the audio message into hand sign that will display on the receiver's phone. How sweet! I love this.

You can actually download these apps from Android store on this coming Friday, 25 April 2014! I can't wait to try out this app. This apps is so gonna help the deaf Community as well as those that are hard of hearing. 


2WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION FS300 FACTSHEET ON DEAFNESS AND HEARING LOSS – UPDATED FEBRUARY 2014                                                                     

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