What am I busy with?

Ello dear readers! It's good Friday! Are u home resting or like me still working?

Well, many would rant and complain if you were to work on a public holiday, as you will be missing out the fun that your friends and colleagues are having. But, for me, I was more than happy to do so. Able to get myself involved in the Singapore Chinese Film Festival was a blast for me.

I was excited and really honored to be able to stand and escort two big names around Singapore. Wondering who are they? Stop trying to make guesses, they are not someone that you may have thought of. These one of them is definitely not from my generation or even your generation, it could be your mum's or even granny's. Yup. It's Mr SHIH JUN!!! Ever heard of his name before? I doubt so too.

He is really friendly actor who acted in 龍門客棧 and 俠女. Stop doubting yourself if you haven't heard of these two films before. I am not that old okay, I am still a young student. I have heard of 龍門客棧 from my granny when I was still a toddler. And it's really ny pleasure to escort Mr Shih Jun around during this SINGAPORE CHINESE FILM FESTIVAL.

Went to MediaCorp this morning, nothing much for me, cos I wasn't able to get on TV, after all, it's Mr Shih Jun and ,our Festival's Planner, Mr Foo Tee Tuan's show. But I was glad that I was able to enter the studio and took some photos for them. Yup. But in awe, Mr Shih Jun met someone who was going for the Live Screening as well. Both were Taiwanese. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get his pal name. So here is the photo. :)

He and his pal

Mr Shih Jun and Mr Foo Tee Tuan on Good Morning Live screening this morning

So who was the other guy that I have been escorting around? Well, its a young director who came from Hong Kong. Wanna try guessing? If u got him right, I would say you are pretty good with the film industry. Yeap, so I shall reveal the answer now.

It's Mr KIWI CHOW!!!!
Mr Kiwi Chow (left),Mr David Lee (right)

No? Never heard of him? Then have u heard of MR SHU KEI? Mr Kiwi Chow was Mr Shu Kei's student while he was studying for his master degree.

Looking at his picture, Mr Kiwi Chow is indeed very young. However, never judge a book by it's cover.

For yesterday's film opening at The Cathay @Handy Road, his graduation film, A Complicated Story, was there as an opening film.

A Complicated Story, has consist of Love, Parental and Gay. However, it was thought as what you thought of. The story's POV is mainly from the pespective of the main lead herself.

And here are my compilation of Day 1 and Day 2 morning as a SCFF Volunteer.

Some more photos of the event..

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