Looking at my dear scheduler, I got the urge to cry, time really do fly. It's already the last week of my holiday, and soon I will start off with a brand new year as a year 2 student. A brand new class with many people that I have never known of. Having to be separated with my good old buddies, felt like one piece of me was gone. But what to do, this is called life. Life is always full of unfairness. So all I can do now, is to charge myself up with many many clothes, and read up my for my modules before everything starts. Cos I am very sure, my year two is gonna be a hectic one. Shopping and working are going to be two big problems for me. 
So here is my solution for all that -- online shopping! 

Do you have terrible experience with online shopping? I do, so its best to MASTER THE ART OF  ONLINE SHOPPING~

1. Do take some time looking through different kinds of size charts. There are many different kinds of region size labelling.

2. Kindly do a measurement of yourself. For tops and dress, do measurements on your bust, chest, waist, and the length of your upper body, arms. For skirts, and short, do measure your hips, thighs, length of your legs.The more measurements you have the better you can visualise how your top is going to be like, and how comfortable you can get in that measurement.

Hervintagestore provides model stat's. Check out their clothing too~ 

3. There is a purpose to have a real life model. Do take the model's stat's into consideration when buying clothes. Most blogshops will provide shoppers with the models stats, having that, shopper are able to have better sense in choosing clothing's that suits them.

4. Some clothing's have a smaller cutting, this happens to me a lot of time while doing online shopping. What seems to be UK4 became UK2. In order to prevent things like that to happen, do ask for more measurements from the owner of the blogshop. If it's a well known brand, do check out their designer's size chart, or do some research on their sizing. I am sure it not that hard to get the sizing information. 

5. Sign up for Newsletter. Like many of you, I dislike the spamming of newsletter from various online shopping websites. However, I wouldn't want to miss out any promotion codes or sales that they are having. So I do have a love-hate relationship with newsletter. 

6. Create an account. I have countless of online shopping accounts, why? Upon creating an account, I will be able to drop items that I can't buy at that moment into the wishlist category. Save up the time in finding them again the next time when I am ready for those clothes. 

Next, I got con many many times while doing online shopping. I have got dealer who went MIA (a very common thing), mailed to the wrong address and denied for a refund, insisted that they didn't receive any payment, the clothing was in bad shape, etc etc. After series of different types of conning, I hereby made a notebook of my very own online shopping safety guide. 

To be honest, anything can be fake online, even reviews, but as a shopper myself there are certain things that I will be careful of when doing online shopping. 

1. Careful with your particulars. Most online shopping websites would ask for your house address, your credit card number and so on. Often, I will feel reluctant to give them my particulars. I am fortunate enough that I stayed in a safe housing area with a security guard. As for Credit card number, I would prefer to use a third party called the PayPal. PayPal is my best friend, I shop using PayPal especially under the circumstances where I was forced to give my credit card number. 

2. Try to do meetups if possible. I love meet ups. why? 
  • I get to see my dear dealer's face, knowing that I will be able to track the dealer down if anything goes wrong. 
  • I can check my product before handling over my money.
  • I can be sure that it is a one for one product exchange, I won't be afraid that the dealer will con my money.
3. Ask for proof. Get proof for almost everything, especially for blogshops and instashops. I find this an essential step. This is to make sure that your products are correct, its sent out, its has been mailed to the correct address. Of course, as a shopper yourself, do provide proof that you have transferred your money by capturing the receipt.

4. Be friendly. If you are going to request for many many different kinds of things, please be friendly. They don't have to provide you these information. Be nice to your dealer, and they will be willing to be nice back to you. Even if your dealer is being rude and unfriendly, still, be nice to them. Cause you wouldn't want them to send you clothing which are in bad shape and so on. Never offend your dealer. 

If you are having trouble on what to buy, or on budget but wanna shop, read this for some tips in customising your shopping budget. I am sure with these tips you will be able to get a whole lota of goods before school starts~ 


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