Yes, it's another back to school series! This is applicable to anyone who is a shopaholic! My friends once said this to me:"wa, you can dress whatever you like in POLY? that's damn cool lah!" you know what my dear friends out there, dressing up in poly is rather tiring okay? The first problem we have is " hmmm, what to dress today? What classes do I have? Long sleeves or not?" Yeap, dressing has become our everyday trouble. 

So, before poly life starts its time to stock up some clothes! Stock it up stock it up~ :D 

Why Set Clothing Budget? 

  • Clothes are our daily necessities, we can't leave the house without clothes. 
  • It helps with purchasing decision. One of my favourite reasons why we need clothing budget. If  you have $100 to spend, then you can view potential purchases as a piece of that pie. In my opinion, being a well-dressed person needs to be a smart shopper, so one will be able to have many clothing but at a cheap cheap price~ 

How To Set Clothing Budget?

  • Your income aka pocket money. Well, for me, I will set aside 20-40% of my income to my spendings, which includes of food, transport. If there are remaining left then I will spend them on my other stuff such as stationary, clothing, shoes, etc. But if I really do need clothing, then I will set my 8-10% of my spending money for my clothing. That's pretty much amazing you see. 
  • Your financial goals. Are you saving up for overseas trip or to get your favourite gadget, or it can be clothing as well. If so, you could actually, set your spendings a little lower, eat at home, or bring your own lunch box to school. Others could be set budget to your every day meals, like every meal should not be more than $4? Yeap. This pretty much helps me in getting whatever I want. 
  • Your shopping habits. Another factor to consider - do you tend to shop often, or only a couple times a year? For someone who shops often, I like to suggest a monthly clothing budget. If you tend to shop in one or two big chunks every year or when you have a big life event such as a new job, a clothing budget just for your shopping trip might be a better route.

Sticking On To Your Clothing Budget

  • Keep track of your clothing budget. Its best to write down your spending each day. Its really difficult to keep track without writing them down. And by writing them down, you will be able to compare your spendings monthly, weekly, or even daily. 
  • Carry over. If you have a monthly clothing budget, don't ever pressure yourself to spend it that same month;  I definitely don't recommend a "use it or loose it" mentality. If you want to save up for something big, then carry over the budget you didn't use from the previous months. Or do what I do and save some of your budget for the best times of year to score great deals - right after Christmas, and in late June/early July (when the clothing seasons change). 
  • Return overages. Let's face it, sometimes our eyes are bigger than our wallets. No biggie. Whenever this happens to me, I go through my purchases that month and pick a few things to return. If I really, really love them, then I take them out of next month's budget, or I simply go back and buy them next month. 
This is like the number one tip I can give you when spending. Definitely the best ever way to keep track of your own spendings, and be able to get more then your think..:D 

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