User's Guide to Awesome Friendship

Heard of this saying? Well, I find it rather true. 

Many of us have friends, but why do we still feel lonely at times? What do I mean by that. In the journey of life we meet people, and then we make friend with them. However, not many we met are the friends that we can pour our heart out, and talk everything under the stars. Even though, I am soon to be the age of responsibility, I felt that the world is getting colder and colder. Friends are no longer friends. This is kind of disappointing isn't it? 

I used to have seniors telling me "cherish your friendship in your secondary school life, because this is the time where you are still pure and innocent." Well, not many would have agreed then. Unfortunately, when I looked back it's pretty much true. I wouldn't say I am matured now, but compared to our 14-15s we were apparently much more innocent then. 

"Best friends" seems to be a distant terms for my current state of life, its not just in terms of meeting new ones, it also meant by distancing with the old ones. Its true that everyone's live has changed. Some chose a path that we don't expect he or she to be, while others head off a different directions from you. Friends are something that supports you when no one is listening to you, that I find it  important to me. If I were to rank the most important things in life, friends would rank 2nd. 

Right now at this moment of life, I wouldn't say I make friend purely from my heart. I do see things from a different angle now. At times, my best buddies would be in awed and questioned me whenever I told them that friends are not truly my friends. Maybe my definition of 'friend' has changed. 

I know friends are not easy to come by, however, managing one its not an easy task too. So here is my user's guide to managing my awesome friendship. 

Like I said I choose my friends. 

I know this sounded harsh, but yes, please choose your friends carefully. Let me give you two damn reasons to why. 

Firstly, you can't keep all your friends you met on the streets or in the classrooms or even in the bar. Well, maybe you could, but I wouldn't recommend that, cause we don't have so much time to manage friendships. Unless you are some old uncle and have nothing better to do, then yea, make friends with anyone then.

Secondly, you choose those that are of value for you, those that make you feel good. No one likes to hang around with people you does not feel good to be with, right? Therefore choose the ones that you admire, that you are proud of, that can make you smile and be sunny. Now, this makes sense isn't it? Choose your friends. 

After all, friends are human beings and you would want that friendship to last. So Treat others like how you wanna be treated. 

This is the basic rule that I think everyone should have. In my opinion, I don't think it is possible to be make friends without integrity, loyalty and honesty. However, we just feel like spreading our friends' secrets out to others cause it something shocking and so on at times. But, always keep whatever you have promised in mind, cause no one likes to be double crossed. Put yourself in your friend's shoe. Think. Do you wish to be treated that way? If no, then don't do it. 

With that Respect the boundaries of your friends. 

Often we hear our loved ones complaining about their families, other friends, and so on. I kinda hate to be in that situation. Why, cause I dunno how I should react. Firstly, I am not in that situation, I have no idea what exactly happened. Secondly, I don't have the rights to criticised my friends loved ones. Thirdly, its just a moment of anger and so on, so yea. Many  times our friends would rage about their loved ones, but I just feel that its a golden rule not to hurt their love ones no matter what. Yes, NO MATTER WHAT. Cause I kinda dislike my friends hurt my family and other friends too. So this goes back to the second rule above.

No matter how busy are you, Make time for your friends. 

Friendship doesn't come by that easily, if one doesn't even bother to make time for their friends, the friendship wouldn't last. Think about it, people change, things change, making time for friends just means that you and your friends are changing together.

I have to agree with some of my besties that I don't really have much time for meet up or something. But what I feel is that, making time is not just about meeting up and so on. Okay, I think this is a bit of an excuse. But hey, I need to justify that. 

To me making time for friends meant quite a lot of things. Its not like I don't give a call to my bestie and talk the whole damn night or something, I do. If I were to see my friend with gloomy tweets or blog post or even text messages, I would ask and show my concern. And every time before I said I ain't free, it doesn't mean I didn't tried to shift my schedule. I would only say I am not free after I checked and tried shifting my schedule. This is what I mean making time for your friends. You don't have to be like 24/7 to stick right beside your friends, but when they need you, please kindly show your concerns. And if they show concern to you, tell them that you appreciate it. If you don't feel like talking about it tell them. This is making time. 

At times Make something awesome for your friends. 

Well, I feel that this is essential. For every friendship there is always a value there for you to keep. Sometimes we would gone missing for months not contacting your old friends. But making something awesome or even attached a small message would immediately melt someone's heart. This is how I feel it. You can try, no harm trying though. Its just shows that even if people don't meet up that often we know we are always there for each other. 

Have fun, Smile. 
Yes. Whenever you are out with your friends. SMILE! No matter how bad your day could be or how tiring you were, enjoy your day when you are out with your friends.  Well, if you were to put a straight face when you are with your friends then there will be no laughters and fun. Things will get solemn or even worst awkward silence.

And then..

It's hyper photo time. haha. 

An awesome meet up with my music babes. 

Right after one formal shot. Things get pretty bad.

Taking revenge by covering up Jessica. Cos she broke me and my hubby Charmaine up in the previous photo. >;( 

You could pretty well see my tired eyes, but hey remember what I said. SMILE no matter what.

With my gals during CNY reunion. I know that's damn long ago

Cherish your friendship~ 


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