The Shoe Hysteria


Males never understood the love females have for high heels, neither do they feel the love hate relationship we have for heels. They want us to sexy, and yet hates to listen to our complains that heels are giving us.

With all that we need to pay the price of sore legs and bruised ankles and so on.

Look at this; heels ruin the posture of the females, resulted to knee pain, corns and calf muscles aching.

To solve the entire problem, I have found fabulous shoes from the latest 3rd COLLECTION: TSH X STATIC FUMES  of  The Shoe Hysteria.

Annnnd it is the
VIVI INSPIRED B&W STRIPED CREEPER, basically creepers solved all the problems we have with heels. Creeper are just a plaftform that rises from the ground, the pressure exert on the floor is equivalent to walking on flat ground bare footed.


It provided us height, while relieving pressure on the calves and heels.

Is better not to buy Creepers with great heights, as the soles are pretty much parallel to the ground, therefore, the higher the creepers are the less security one could have in balancing while walking. Hence, the 5cm height VIVI INSPIRED B&W STRIPED CREEPER would be perfect choice. 

Creeper could pretty much go well with anything. A side note, ladies with skinny calves and thighs, I would recommend  to go with clothes which are flare-y at the bottom. Why? creepers are pretty chunky, it will make skinny calves look even skinner giving an impression of huge feet a in-proportionate body size. Not a pretty nice impression for that hor.

SO, I guess something liddat would balance out  ladies with skinny legs.

A tank top and a maxi skirt or tight skirt will be a perfect styling to go withVIVI INSPIRED B&W STRIPED CREEPER too. :D

You could visit here to find the right fitting for creepers~ :D

I would say, not all of us are suitable for chucky big shoes. However, there is a solution for it, in the 3rd collection of The Shoe Hysteria, there is another awesome shoe--  STYLENANDA INSPIRED X-CROSSED FLATFORM SANDAL  that gives a perfect solution for any types of leg.

Do you know platform shoes don’t only exist today? I remembered myself wearing it when I was a kid. And the trend is back again. But this time round, the trending platform shoes looks and carries the essence of the 70s-80s type of shoe style~

AND STYLENANDA INSPIRED X-CROSSED FLATFORM SANDAL simply fulfilled the trend right now and relieved the pain of us, ladies.

This shoe carries both the bohemia and modern feel. I love how the way it is being designed especially for ladies like me who have short legs.

Unlike taller ladies, short ladies may consider avoiding T straps and ankle straps because these straps will visually distinguished your legs and your feet, cutting your leg into two section will make short ladies look even shorter. This is not what we want to achieve... :(

In addition, shoes with strap at the ankle secure us better when walking, as it prevent ankle from spraining.

So, STYLENANDA INSPIRED X-CROSSED FLATFORM SANDAL would be like the perfect choice for both short and tall ladies.


1. Take a look at how the strap is being designed, its crossed and the strap cuts below the ankle, allowing a better flow from the leg to the feet creating an illusion of longer legs.

2. The ankle strap is designed in such a way that even if it is a cross cutting strap it still secure our ankles.

Take a look at the strap that wrapped around the ankle in the following picture.

            The strap is slightly cut below the ankle so even from the back,  resulting flow in both front and back view. 

Moreover, STYLENANDA INSPIRED X-CROSSED FLATFORM SANDAL doesn’t  resemble most of the flatform shoes we see today.

It’s definitely not one whole chunk of solid platform under your feet. I like how the cutting is. Resembling a little like chunky, the shoe shines and stand out much more compared to other flatforms. STYLENANDA INSPIRED X-CROSSED FLATFORM SANDAL definitely has a contour, like a hot and sexy body. Thus making the shoe less chorlor (rough?).

Loving these shoes but don’t really have the cash to get them. Not to fret! You could actually win them through The Shoe Hysteria GIVEAWAY!

 How to join?

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