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Can't get enough films from Cathay, Golden Village, Shaw? Can't get enough of good movies like ILO ILO? Want more Chinese Films, well, here's a piece of good news for you! 30 more days it would be the awesome Chinese Film Festival! Excited? 

This is actually the second time where Singapore is holding this festival, didn't manage to mark my calendar last year to catch awesome films that were screened. So this year  I am not gonna missed them anymore. 

There are whole loads of films that you can choose this year! Films  genre from documentary, to lovely dovey, to school life. A lot a lot! So don't miss them out! Well, I am looking forward to some of the films that are gonna showcase during this festivals! I will update every day on the films synopsis! So stay tune! 

看不夠本地放映的電影的朋友們請注意啦!第二屆 新加坡話語電影節在30天後即將開幕咯!在此,寒小同學會每日更新一部電影簡介~千萬別錯過啦,因為今年將會播放的電影真的好多好多,愛情、都市、校園、太多了啦。
Young Style 青春派
Even though I haven't watch this film, but I feel that I could relate to this film right after reading at the synopsis. Not everyone may encounter what the main lead, Juran, has encountered, however, we could easily relate to how real the world is.  

In this film, 
Juran being pre-occupied by love has failed his entrance exam to University. Hence, was forced to retake his exam next year. In this period of preparation he met a bunch of friends who have to face all kinds of problem. Being in the stressful life in preparing entrance exam to university, their heart are still pure towards love. And during their maturity birthday they questioned if they are allowed to love. 



Director 導演:Liu Jie 劉傑 
Cast 主演:Qin HaiLu 秦海璐,Dong Zijian 董子健,Yong Mei 詠梅 
*Nominated for Best New Actor – Dong ZiJian, 50th Golden Horse Awards
第五十屆金馬獎最佳新演員提名 - 董子健 

China 中國 || 2013 || 90分鐘 || Rating TBC分級未定

I am quite excited to write about this posting, cos I need to convey in both English and Mandarin. Not sure how is this gonna be like at first. But I hope you guys love my style of writing! Do drop me an email, or leave a comment if you have anything to enquire! Don't be shy, cos I don't bite! 

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