Skin Care.

Happy Valentine's~ oh, no? Not 15? So, it's 14 not 15? okay sorry. Happy Belated Valentine's to everyone. Hahaha. The intro just make me look so dumb, I know its 14. Just that I was having a hard time on how to start this blogpost. So yea, having fun one Valentine's?   This is not the main point for today. haha. 

I got this request from a friend of mine like long long time ago, and so I think its time for me to answer her. Another reason is that I hope to just say [erm, you can read them on my blog.] to some people who kept one asking me why you so fair, why doesn't you have outbreaks, and like more and more questions. However, my skin condition isn't that good.  Maybe its the air con or the lack of water. Yeah. So here it is. 

I actually have skin condition called the combination. Well, I have both oily and dry portion on my skin. Wanna know what's you skin type? Here they will tell you. My skin care routine. wow. Actually I don't really have much routine. But here are some of my rules for myself.

1. Don't take fried food. 

Yes, no fried food for me. But oh well, sometimes I do have cravings too. Some cheat meals once in awhile. When I say once in a while, it means once per month. 

2. No Potato Chips.

Personally, I don't really enjoy chips. Yea. Judge me all you want. I have no idea why, but my tongue dislike the taste. 

3. Drink at least 6 glasses of plain water.

Your body need replenish water. At least 6 glasses of water, yes, pure water, this is the minimal. I usually drink about 7 glasses of water? I think? I drink a lot. 

4. Sleep early. 

I need to work on this. Have been sleeping late lately. All thanks to my assignments, I have a complicated relationship with my bed now. Thank you assignments. Its good to sleep at least 8hours. Nothing more nothing less. 8hours is enough for people like me. :D

5. Stay far far away from sunlight.

I hate the sun. Really. Maybe this is one of the reason why I am this fair. I always have an umbrella with me, and I will avoid the sun when walking around. All you need is 20 minutes of sunlight. That's enough. In addition, to people like me who are fair, we have little melanin so it's best to stay far far away from the sun. 

This are just some basic rules for myself. 

I have combination skin, which mean, part of my skin are oily and parts are dry. To keep my face as fresh as ever, I clean my face about 4-5 times each day? Depends on how oily my skin gets. Well, generally it about 4-5 times each day, with 2 soap washing and 2-3 times towel wipe. 

Hmm, as for facial soap, I don't really have much recommendation. But if you ask what use, well, I uses Ginvera Natural Fresh series. 
This is what I use. The moistures one. 

And at times when I need a deep scrub on my pores. The refining facial scrub is great. 

There are some people who ask if I do know how to clear black heads. Haha. I don't I myself have a lot of blackheads too right on my nose. SOB* so if you know any, do email me k? 

Another favourite brand of mine is Hada Labo. It has three series: whitening, firming and lifting and moistures. I use the moistures series. 

Direction: Use twice a day after cleansing face. Apply on palms and gently pat onto skin until thoroughly absorbed.

I apply this every morning and night. 

How it works: 

-With 3 types of Hyaluronic Acid to deeply moisturize skin and help to preserve its optimum moisture balance.
-Replenishes and locks-in moisture for complete hydration. Skin feels significantly soft and supple.
-Helps improve dry and dehydrated skin, leaving it silky smooth.
-Skin pH balanced. Low irritation.
-Free of fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol & colorant.

It's really awesome. Every morning, I used to see my skin peels, but after applying it, it kinda stops peeling. Love it. My skin  feels soft too. 

Oh,it cost me $22.50 ( if i didn't remember wrongly), and last me about 3 months? So its gonna be a big thumbs up from me for this awesome product. 

Whitening. hmm. I didn't really do much for whitening part. The fact is that I am already that fair. But I still protects my skin from the sun and radiation by applying sunblock. 

I used to hate applying sunblock cos its always that sticky and felt like a glue on my face. But BiorĂ© UV Aqua, its like water lah~ applying sunblock like you are applying a layer of water on your face. Awesome~ 

I am not too sure about the cost, cos I bought it in Taiwan Watson's hehe. 

I do masking too. whee. But I only buy this bird nest mask from Watson's.  Cos its not that expensive i guess? less than 20bux for about 4-5 mask? I think its still okay bah. 

It doesn't really smell. And after masking, you skin are much supple, and its like you skin glows~ I am serious. You skin get smooths too. why not since its not that expensive. I mask about once in a fortnight or sometimes even longer. 

Oh. and pimple. How to I attack pimple. That will be in my another post. Cos it will be a whole long essay about it.

I used quite a feel skin care stuff lah, but I feel that recently I have been using the above products and it seems find. so yea. Awesome nights to everyone. I accept request or advertising. Contact me for more details~ :D

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