Why do I carry vaseline around?

I have this friend of mine that asked me this question: "Zel, why is your Vaseline doing in your bag again?" and I answered back this way, "Cos it has a very complicated relationship with all my bags." I know, stop judging me.

So please dun be shocked if you were to see me taking my vaseline out of my bag. Cos Vaseline is being a playboy. Hahaha. okay. Vaseline = petroleum Jelly. It does have many more usages than you think it has. Gals might known Vaseline as a product that can your skin smoother, but that's not just it. Let me introduce the omnipotent VASELINE~~~ 

No more dry skin. My skin tends to turn dry whenever I am in an air conditioned room for more than 8 hours. And Vaseline comes into great great use. It somewhat hydrates my skin after applying Vaseline. Moisturisers might come in handy in air conditioned rooms, but some how these moisturisers didn't turn out as good as Vaseline. Maybe its just me. One more thing, I have elbows problems too, hahaha. It gets so dry that it peels at times. Byapplying Vaseline for a few nights it smoothen my elbow. Kinda cool. Smooth Smooth elbows. 

Cheap Lip balm. Do you know Vaseline also serves as a lip balm? OMG. This is one of the main reason why I fell in love with Vaseline. Seriously. I have no idea why my skin are always so damn dry, even my lips are dry, probably I am not drinking enough. So my lip balm was the ex boyfriend of all my bags. And one day, the usual clumsy me dropped my lip balm into the gap between the lift. Maybe I could find my lip balm there if they are gonna tear down the lift. Haha. Back track, somehow I came across this article somewhere and it states Vaseline can serves as a lip balm~. *blink blink* All of a sudden I have a complicated relationship between Vaseline and Lip balm. Of course I chose Vaseline and forget my lip balm.

Your perfume can stay longer. Wanna smell nice throughout the day? This is what I do, apply some Vaseline on my wrist and spray the perfume over it. It can actually last quite long. For me, if I don't apply Vaseline, the perfume will be gone after 2 hours? But if I were to apply it, it can last around 5hours.

Photo from openedu.

I wanna have long eyelashes. I always wanted to have long eyelashes and more brows. Then I will save the trouble of mascara and eyebrow pencil. I read this somewhere that if you apply Vaseline on your lashes over night it will grow day by day. Haven't really seen the results yet, but shall keep on trying. 

Lubricant. It somewhat acts as a lubricant. Cos its somewhat slippery so if you have problem with  your earrings, you could apply some Vaseline on it and your earring would slip through rather easily. I tried in on rings. Cos I dun have ear piercings. 

However, Vaseline might bring harm too. I went to do some research and this is what I found. Vaseline may acts as a hydration because its has this coat that prevent moistures to escape from your pores. But this also means that your skin aint breathing. So what I recommend is that apply only at the dry places. That's it. And once the dryness has become smooth use moisturising lotion.

One last thing. I don't suggest people with acne or pimple problem to apply Vaseline on their faces cos this can clog dirt within your pores. What I does is I apply Vaseline only after I cleanse my face.

Well. Thats not all for Vaseline. Check this out for more unusal usage for Vaseline~ :D

You can get Vaseline in Watsons or Guardian. It cost less than 10. Yup. That's all for today.


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