Stop Counting.

How many calories are there  in Banana? How many calories are there in chilly crab? I was once obsessed about the intake of calories. Why do I count the calories? Cause I wanna slim down cause I am fat. Well, a common mindset in every female. I used to have this application on my phone called the fitness pal, some might have heard of that application.

This is how the app looks like. 

My obsession about counting calories seems to be a disease to me, I count my every single meal, the drinks , and even limit myself up to 1000kcal each day. I didn't realise that counting of calories had affected my life so much that I would feel unease if I don't see the food calories. After awhile, I find myself not eating happily, all I cared about is the calories. In fact, at that point of time I have this thinking that I have to exercise more to burn off the calories that I am gonna take in for the day. 

We should really stop counting, its not the amount of calories that make you fat directly. We do need calories to carry out our daily routine, we need these food to keep out heart beating, our body awake to do things. I just hope to slim down and maintain my figure. Since I am not interested in body building counting calories just seems to be a silly thing to do.

I don't hope to be like any of them.

Please don't get the wrong idea that female bodybuilder are something off tradition, it just I am not fond of toning to that extend. 

Ohoh, and this is what I discovered after I started counting my calories. I actually gain weight from all the gym. It's true that you will gain weight from gym, cause you are building up your muscle and muscles weighs. If you stop toning the body shape, the expanded skin will end up flabby. this kinda happens to my arms. :( 

However, after I stop counting, I didn't stop thinking about slimming down.  I did a change in my diet and my daily activities and work toward the goal. 

Do you know that fats are actually not the main reason why we gain weight? In fact, its the grains that are behind doing the job. We need healthy fats in our body, what are healthy fats? 

Vegetable oil such as olives, canola, avocado, salmon, soy milk. 

Its important to know that grains are actually carbohydrates, carbohydrates will results to insulin response in the body. And if carbohydrates are not used immediately they will turned into fats and to be stored in one's body. 

I have been trying these out for about 2 months and surprisingly I did slim down slowly. I slim down about 2kg? I didn't even thought this would work. Wanna know what I did? 

Drink pure water. 

Sometimes we eat unnecessarily; at certain part of the day if we have pangs of hunger, we are just pure thirsty. Whenever I feel hungry I will just gulp about one full cup of water. But if you are really hungry. Please eat don't just keep drinking water. 

Eat your three meals.

I don't encourage skipping of meals. I used to do that, like skipped my lunch or sth. Yes, I somewhat skipped lunch. I eat small amount and not totally skip lunch. Its also important to eat your three meals regularly. Why? If one were to eat irregularly, the body clocks dun know when to tell you when to be hungry and when you are not. aka screwed. 

Exercise but not overdoing it. 

I have friends that hope to slim down 2-3kg within a month or even a week. Please be realistic. To slim down at such a rate is actually very unhealthy. Try doing it day by day. I dun really set a goal for losing weight. I just do my exercise daily and add on more after I feel that its an easy job. Will only weigh myself once in a while. I felt encouraged whenever I sees the weight dropped. Cause you won't drop a kilo right after you gym. Maybe you will--the lost of water. 

Reward yourself.

Don't stop yourself from eating the stuff that you have been craving for. Reward yourself to a meal of fried chicken every two months. Or sweets for working out for two hours, a sweet won't hurt you that much. Do it once in a while, please, when I say once in a while its means once every fortnight or longer. 

Be positive. 

Stay positive when you gym. Even if you don't see your weight drops doesn't mean you are not slimming sometimes it just take a longer time for you to see the results. If it doesn't show results after three months, don't give up. Try on some other methods. I am sure there will be one that works on you. 

Sign off here~ BYE~~ :D

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