The hard impact

I broke up. I broke up with the person I thought I could lie my shoulders on whenever I am in trouble, the person that will support me through my ups and downs. The relationship might be short between us, but it was a sparked between the two of us when we first started dating.

Memories of the times we had are constantly popping into my mind, its not easy to stay strong. But I will. Not for you, but for myself. It's not the end of the world. It just a break up. It might have hurt me. It might have crushed me down. But life still goes on. What most important to me is that you seemed fine.

This break up wasn't a rash one, I believe it was decided after a series of thinking and so on. I wouldn't blame him for breaking up with, is a true fact that it takes two hands to clap. I admit I am at fault too. I knew that with my family condition, things wouldn't work out, but I persisted. What I predicted finally came true. 

I wonder what if I didn't agreed to start the relationship. Things wouldn't be like what it is today. Unfortunately, I can't wind my time. Even if I did, I believe same thing will happen again. 

It's the second day of my break up. Things have been hard on me, I cried on the bus ride to school, before I go to bed and even while I was bathing.  I can't control my tears and my feelings. This is a tuff week, and this news just fall upon me. I need to be strong in order to stand tall again.. 

But when I thought I could, I wander to get Ruffles. It's a funny thing. I only realised what I was doing after I alighted at the bus stop near his house. I never knew this could really happened, then I knew movies are true. A person can actually wanders off. 

But that doesn't matter. Its only now that I can't get hold of myself together. What I can do now is to think positive. Time don't heal a person. It total lies on the will of a person if he or she are willing to heal herself. I do. I will stand tall again. 

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