Are you proud to be a Singaporean?

I was browsing through Facebook the past few days, and this person seems to be trending on my news feed. This person is Steph Micayle, you may have heard about her as the gal who join the kpop star hunt 3 with a bad attitude. If you have no clue who this trending person lately is, let me give you a brief intro about this thing. You could watch the video for more info about her lah. She was in this razor tv interview where she said she was cheated by the manager that she could be given the choice not to Korean song in the competition, and because of that she felt pissed through out the whole competition, ending up showing bad attitude during the entire show.

What I noticed is, part of the Singaporeans are supportive of what she said,which are mostly youngsters, and part of them are unsupportive of her. After watching the Youtube video she made about clarifying herself being proud or not to be a Singaporean. What I don't understand is that why is everyone so hook onto this issue? Its just her own mere opinion about how she views Singapore. In fact, we couldn't blame her for not being proud of Singapore. There is this mixtures of cultures that she has been exposed to when she was a kid,  although she holds a Singapore Identification, but she don't spend a whole lot of time in Singapore. Its just saying an adopted child has more feelings towards his or her adopted parents than the biological parent. The theory is about the same. So why are we so fret about it?

I do agree with her  to a certain point that Singapore is lacking of creativity and attitude problems, but why are we so focused on this subject, was it because she was on Kpop Star Hunt 3 recent, and spotlight just happened to fall on her? It's just we Singaporeans being overly reacting over her behaviour. I don't believe that everyone single one of us in Singapore are proud to be a Singaporean, they are obviously some minorities that are not proud of it. Some of us may say, hey that's not the case, look at how many likes Steph got for videos and many youngster agrees to what she says. Excuse me, you only see the ones that agrees. Don't you know the spiral of silence? If you don't read it up yourself. Everyone on social media seems to be supporting, if you don't support, you might get pointed and being the talking stalk of others. And why is most of us on her side? She definitely have some kind of influence on people, she sang on youtube and she was on this big reality event.

Whatever she says, its just her. I am Singaporean. I am standing neutral towards loving Singapore or not. I wouldn't comment that I am on Steph side or not. Nonetheless, at a certain point, she make sense. Singapore is a place where high certificates wins and uneducated people are just chuck to one side and does things like contractor and so on. I do agree that it's a little unfair to certain people that are just not the academic incline type of person, but they are just so good in hands on stuff. Are we going to say that they ain't talent? To be honest, life is unfair, I am too not a academic incline student as well. I am in polytechnic studying my diploma course. I understand very well that, with my diploma certificate, I won't be able to earn much. No matter what happen, a degree Certificate is much much better. For my case, a diploma student can only earn 1200-2500, but a degree student can earn up to 3500-4000 right after their graduation. This is something I dislike about Singapore, that certificate matters the most.

What next is that Singapore creativity has its own limits. Well, Singapore is not a country that develops a bunch of designers, or creators. We 'manufacture' people that can do science research, be in the tertiary industry especially the foreign investments and tourisms. why? Singapore is small, we can only earn from getting money from people outside of Singapore. This maybe cruel but it is the hard core fact. So why would Singapore even put in efforts in creating talents for the entertainment of media industry? These industries to us are just mere entertainment for locals, and if there are chance to make money by selling overseas that will be a bonus. So where will the creative come? We are not being brought in the environment where we have many choices, and all of us can pick the industry we want, and each industry are not balance.

On the other hand, I love Singapore. Its safe here. I can just leave my bags on the chair and go ahead buying my food without anyone stealing my bag. Well that's not recommended. But you could just tell from that, that Singapore is this safe. In addition which country has such a transparent government system? NO. Lately, Singapore may have uprising social problems. I believe this is a absolutely normal thing that will happened to a growing country.

I would say that every single country are not perfect. Ultimately the country are lead by people, and people are not meant to be born perfect. Government may make mistakes while leading the country. It might be a terrible one, or might be something that can be cover up. But think about this. Even if in a small company, it also works the same doesn't it? Government are like a businessman running a business just that this business is a country. Does it make sense to you?

All in all, whatever Steph have to say its just her. Are you proud or not to be Singaporean, it totally based on what you have been through and what have shaped you up as person. IN fact,Singapore is definitely not a place where I can learn about for media industry. But I love Singapore for being safe.

So, you are proud to be a Singaporean? Despite all that, I am.

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