Transport fares to be paid according to age.

There is unbalance emotion in me whenever I sees my JC friends boast about their bus fares being at 45cents no matter how far they travel. The transports fares have made my psychology emotion being unstable and believe that many POLY students feels like what I am feeling now. 

POLY students ain't that free after all, we are also full time students like all JC students in Singapore. Like any of our JC friends, 17years old POLY students held a qualification of an O level certificate, though we are studying for a diploma certificate, however, it doesn't mean that we hold a higher profession compared to our fellow JC students. 

Singapore may be progressing fast, but our mindset seems to be lacking behind. We are still living as though as we are still in 2000s, where POLY students who hold the title as "ah lian" and "ah beng". The world has changes, in 2000s we don't even have iPhones, we cannot compare the times we are currently living in to what we used to have. Like many JC students, we have lessons till late evenings, and even into the night or on weekends. Many have cast a stereotype on POLY students to be less stressful compare to JC students. I don't have say on which is more stressful, however, have these people tasted both lives as a JC students and POLY Students? Are they comparing an apple with an apple or an apples with a orange? The stress that JC and POLY students encounter ain't the same. We are too stress about our GPA, and about getting into a University in Singapore.

Poly students may have longer holidays than JC students, however, our holidays are not that of a holiday. In fact we have holidays project. There are many courses in polytechnics, not all of us are examined based course, like myself my course is mainly a project based course. Apparently, we have to burn our holidays just to complete our assignments. Of course we can find part time jobs during the holidays, but how much do we earn having to complete our assignments? 

The government have to understand that even though poly isn't under the system of MOE that much compare to ITE and JC, but POLY students are of the same age as them I do hope that there is a change in it. Hoping to have our transport fares goes according by our age and not by the system we are using now. Why do I say so, if senior citizens transport fare changes once reach 65, why not standardise for ages. 

Do you still remember that children below 9.0m doesn't have to pay for transport fares? Well, that's really not fair. Certain kids grow faster and grows taller than their fellow friends of the same age. I remembered that at the age of 4 I started to pay for transport fares, where my friends are still enjoying the free transport around Singapore.It doesn't make any sense to me. 

The Government please, can you change the transport fare to paid according to the age? Will you?

Thank you.  

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