It has been awhile since I blogged. Everyone has been blogging and posting about their 2013 #flashback on blogger and insta respectively. For me, I don't really hope to look back my 2013, I am not trying to say I am going to overlook the mistakes I have made in my past year. 

Many things happened, like making a new bunch of insane friends in Poly, getting into trouble, skipping lectures, slacking around, caught lying, etc. Well, for that past year I admit I  have not done many things  in my past 16 years of life. Good experience, but not an ideal choice to continue some of them into 2014. 

Its true that on today you feel that the start of the year seems to be yesterday, don't you agree? Some people felt that it was a meaningful year and some might felt that its a meaningless one. Well, whatever it is its not possible to make a U-turn in your life. Let the bygone be bygone, no point crying over spilt milk. That's just my life principal . 

2014, its so near yet so far. WHY? 

I wouldn't know the outcome of the decision I have made at the start of the year, and wouldn't know if the investments I have made for 2014 a fruitful one. There are way too many unknowns. 

Like what Alex had said, I might have think too much. Am I really that complicated? Whatever.

I would soon be turning into 18, an age where drinking and smoking are legal. Of course, I wouldn't smoke nor drink. That's really bad in any form. In this age, I would need to be responsible for my own doings, I can drive, but I can also get locked behind the bars for my own illegal acts. And being 18, its an age where I am in the bridge to adult hood, where my mentality are neither childish nor mature. Seems to be like a warning for me not to get into trouble. Since It make sense that it is not an age to say that you are still young. 

I got the feeling that 2014 is gonna be a hectic and tough year for my family, friends, relationship and myself. However, what is new year to you? A new start for things? An excuse to try different things? Well, what about a new month? Isn't every single day similar to a new year? U can't predict what is tomorrow like how one couldn't predict what is going to happen in the new year. 

Probably, time has numb my feelings towards festivals and countdowns. To one it might be exciting, to me its foolish. Do we countdown to a brand new day or a new month or even a new moon in the modern days? We don't. Its the tradition, the culture, the media, the market that brainwashes people about celebrating a brand new year. 

It might be cruel but true to say that we view new year as an excuse to make things better, to let go of grudges, to set new goals, to try out new things that one has never tried before. In psychological thinking, we might need this kind of push in us to make a new year better. A form of escape to a better future I would say in other words. But ultimately, one still has to face the real life.  

All I could do is to plan my schedule and follow according to my plan, and sow what I reaped before 2015 starts. That's my new year resolution. 

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