Before the start of Novmeber

It has been a while ever since I blogged, cos I don't really have much interesting stuff going on during October. I thought I would have a boring October life. 

But October has proven me wrong. 

Well, it was being spiced up by the festive seasons of Halloween. Yeap. For many years, I hardly celebrate Halloween. Same goes to this year though. However, it was slightly different compared to the pass few years. 

Every knows when is Halloween right, the 31 of October. I hope you know that, but if you don't, don't get too upset, cos now you know. 
This is lame. 

All this wasn't a plan I wanted to do on the 31October. Cos one I was still in the aftermath of gastric, two, I was wondering if I should head home for dinner, three, I was badly pestered by a boss and lastly, it was really terrible for me wait in school for four hours having no idea what I am gonna do before my tutorial class starts. 

And then my class including me,was fascinated by the make up of my dearest classmate, Kimmy. 
It was so real that my lecturer was afraid to see her. And throughout her lessons she was trying not to see Kimmy's face. 

And then, this is what happens when the lesson ends. 
Well, basically, Jasmin suggested us to do a make up as well just for fun since its Halloween. At the start I wasn't really game about this. Due to the terrible aftermath I was having just right before the lesson ends. 

And at the same time, I was thinking if i should find someone to have dinner with me, because there isn't any dinner prepared for me at home. Being in pain and lazy I wanted to find my babe to have dinner. Unfortunately, she wasn't free. somewhat. so yea. I was then thought of let's join the make up gang. hahaha. 

Well, I used Kimmy's make up and this is what I did to myself. 

 and this is my babe, Kimmy-san. 

My make wasn't really obvious, its mainly at the eye and its blue. Not to nice to spam blue eye shadow on my face to make it more scary, cos its Kimmy-san's.

And there we started touring around the school. hehehe. 

caught my lecturer while having fun. isn't she funny? 

bye bye. 

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