The ultimate eating day.

This just gonna be a blog post about my ultimate eating day on the 24 of September. I know its an event weeks back, but yea, I am still gonna do this overdue blogpost, and fill my blog with photo~~ :D wink* Well, you can follow my eating plan if you think your wallet needs some sliming session. haha

(Please don't steal other's photo. Thank you~ )

Like what the title of this post states, it was really a day out eating. HAHA. But that's wasn't our fault, partly. It was due to the fully booked teoheng @ NTU ALUMNI CLUB~ Its really affordable to hang out there, to sing and chill. Much much cheaper compared to Kbox. As the price states the quality, so don't expect too much from them. However, as a student with not much income, this would be the perfect/ideal place to hang out with my buddies to sing all day~ :D For more info you can visit this website~

So basically it started of with a day that I was supposed to work in the night, but things just didn't go well, and so basically I spent the entire day with this awesome babe here. 

(Say HI to her! )
The start of the day, we met up with each other at Sherrine's house and we started to dress up and do our hair and make up. But apparently, I didn't do much, other than my eyeliner and base. that's all. yup. Simple. YAY! 
Side note: It was raining cats and dogs that day, I beat the rain war and got to her house safely. 

Let's head to our very first stop. 
( A very ugly self made route to hatched) 

YUP, first stop~ which is the Hatched. We had a hard time picking where to have our awesome lunch the day before and finally we came to a conclusion that we shall visit Hatched. A short intro of what Hatched is. Okay. Its a restaurant at Holland Village and Evans Road. But the two of us decided to visit the on at Holland Village because its really near Holland Village MRT stop~ yay~~ It's less than 2minutes walk from the MRT~ 

Once you alight from the MRT exit turn right, go down the shophouses. It located after Starbucks.

The one on the left is Hatched@Evans and the right one is Hatched@HollandVillage. A restaurant that has the menu filled with eggs dishes. Yup. Everything with eggs, from scrambled to sunny to boiled. All kinds of it. If you are an Egg lover this would be the perfect dinning area for you~ *clap clap* 

So we ordered these to share. To my great amazement, Sherrine actually said that she is less saliva conscious already. Really? I guess yea, the over-reacting to other's saliva did decline~ A good Sign~~ :D 

 (salmon, I forgot the name. but it was under the column for scramble and its chef's recommended)

( same goes to this dish. ate it twice and I still can't remember. it on the very first one of the sunny egg column, it also a chef recommended dish~ ) 

 It was really filling and the portion was so much that it can be my lunch and dinner. I think I grew a kilo fatter that day. :( It was about 17bux after we halfed the cost. Quite expensive, but it worth the cost, because on normal days I would just ordered one dish and shared with a friend. Its really really enough for two gals. well, it was really full for me, but for Sherrine this might not be true.

 I would give a four star for HATCHED>.<

Did a few camwhore at hatched. 

(a very accident candid shot by Sherrine) 

( over exposed background. ) :( 

Well, because our plans of sing k was ruined. We decided to collect what we need to collect that day. So, we went separate ways to get what we need and meet up an hour and a half later at douby ghaut for some awesome dessert. yup. 

An unplanned stop two... Douby Ghaut. Eating Place... Unknown. 

Haha. yea. its really unknown. We only decided to enter the restaurant only after we reached the third level of Plaza Singapura.  well. and that's...

Stop two: Nana Green Tea. 
Basically, this is a place where they specialised in Green tea. Similar to Hatched, this time I see a menu filled with Green Tea dishes. Not so worth restaurant at Plaza Singapura, cos I had this small green tea dessert for $8.50, which is almost halfed the price I paid in Hatched.*what* Erm, well, Hatched wasn't that cheap,but at least the food there is really filling and I find it's worth that cost. Nana Green Tea wasn't that bad but it is a little more costly. Shall give Nana Green Tea three and a half star. 

The left is min and the right is Sherrine's .
Looks good, Feels good. 
(OMG. Like advert sia) 

Its us being childish again. ATTENTION!! 
well. they are just glasses.. Hey wait! why is the milk jar here! Ö

And once again. CAMWHORE~~~ 

This is what she does when she refuses to take photo and I insisted on it. 

Well. Right after. We went to School of the Arts (SOTA). Well, that's not for food. Both of us are really full. And she finally felt full. Even though she felt full, when food appears in front of her she could just turn to me and say: shall we have that? 

Gosh, since when do you have a black hole in your stomach. Ö 

Fortunately, I was able to hold her back. If not I guess I would be ended up in the hospital for exploded stomach. 

Things wasn't that smooth for me that day. Not mentioning about the date, of course, but planned work. yup. Work was cancelled due to renovation and I was left with Sherrine again. Hence, right after we visited SOTA, we visited a fast food restaurant. Another round of eating. Thought I just had my tea? 

Third Stop: Popeyes. 
Basically I am too full to eat, so I ordered kid's meal and brought my corn home and made that my breakfast the very next day. 

This is a very long post.... To many this may not be the ultimate eating day, but to me, it was. Cos normally I don't eat non-stop, and they are actually all very filling. Really. So this was the day on how I spend this ultimate awesome eating date with my pretty babe, Sherrine. yup! Shall end it with a few more photos. 

Goodbye~ :D

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