Work+ exams = stress + enjoyment


Are you thinking if I am crazy to have such a title? hahaha. That's actually how I feel right now. Indeed, feeling both stressed up but yet my life is still as enjoyable as everyone else, it wasn't because I am crazy. Most of us have been complaining about the life of being not able to do what you actually want to do, that has been my life when I was in Secondary school. But it's a whole new world to me once I leave Secondary school. My world actually changed. why? Because I enjoy my life. 

It's true that most of us weren't able to enjoy our life mainly is because we don't really have the choice of choosing what we want to do. Everything seems to be destined, seems to be planned by someone. But that ain't true. I would count myself lucky for now,  as unlike most of the people on Earth I enjoyed what awaits me. 

Of course, my life wasn't all the way up and up and up, I do have many downs in my life. Many of it. So this time, I am gonna tell you how to make your life a little enjoyable. Teens like me, do enjoy what you have now really, I am kinda worried what awaits me once I step into the society, worried that if I would be able to enjoy my life then like I used to be. 

Give a slight intro about my little life, and what changes me to enjoy my life a little more. :D Right, I shall just admit that I ain't the kind that can study, no matter how hard I tried to squeeze all the freaking information into my head, they will just flood out. Everything in the textbook looks like some morse code, alien language to me.  And I cried almost every single night during the 'O' level period thinking that at this rate I would not be able to pass the national examination. I was so stress that almost every single day I looked like I am having PMS, and that national examination was somewhat like my slimming pills, haha, why do I say so? Cos I actually slimmed 3-4 kg in 10months of studying. But I became way to mature after that 10 months, my dark eye circles and eye bag has formed. I really looked so shag that I don't even dare to take selfies at that period of time. 

Right after my o level I started enjoying life, I went overseas like taiwan last year and bought nice stuff home. great. that's not the main point. haha. okay, results was out, it's bad to me, I cried, I cried and I cried. I scored like freaking high, compared to my cliques, I can't get into many good JCs. Who cares anyway. Though it was true that JCs brings you to UNI much much more easier than POLY, but that's not true. 

If you are stuck between JCs and POLY which road to go, here are some tips for you on which road to choose. Are you a studious person? Do you have your own targets? Are you clear of what you wish to do in the future? Are you discipline? if your first question is a yes and the rest are no, JCs might be a good choice for you, cos you will have two more years to think about what you really wish to do in the future before you start of studying in a specific course. But, don't make an assumption that if you are in JCs you don't need to have your own targets and disciplinary, its just that POLY are more of the otot kind. On the other hand, if you are heading towards the POLY side, please don't think that you can just screw your O levels,  POLY is not longer like your mummy and daddy generation, its a place where scholars also enrolled in. 

Ultimately, in your life, what's most important is your targets and goals. Have a clear mindset of what you want. You could start planing your goals near, it could be a goal to reach in a few hours time. Once you are comfortable with each and every goals you set, you can set a little further like a month or a year even ten years down the road. However, you can't just have a big goals without little goals before them.   With the little goals before the big goals make it easier for you to reach the big goal, and you will feel a little more accomplish, this will build your happiness and confidence. Slowly, you will find what you are doing is actually enjoyable. 

However, its never easy to reach every single goals as some of the goals may consist of non-calculated risk, where you don't know such thing would happen. Never be upset of the failures, be glad you met them. Because this little failures will help you to grow stronger and gain little more experiences then others. 

Right now, My life is kind of bless. I found jobs and my school work are under my control. though at times I may feel stress, but I enjoyed what I am doing cause this is the road I want to walk through. I walk through them with no regrets so how can I not be enjoying them? 


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