A little facts about me. :D

Hi guys,
this is a post made dedicated to my bestie gal pat aka the bim, I did only a little on the Instagram cos, I am afraid that Insta would eat up my posting again. :( yup, so I will write a post on facts about myself, of cos with a little more pictures~~~ :D hahahaha. okay, let's get things started. The following sequence meant no favouritism. :D

1) I was kinda forced to do this lame shit twice, like I said Insta ate my posting. :(
I spent like an hour using my heart and soul to do it, but it came out only to have the pictures but nothing else. I literally fainted that day. T^T

2) For those of you that have no idea that this gal here is a Singaporean Chinese, hope you know it now.

For some god no reasons, my nationality always changes, I was mistaken as Malaysian, Chinese, Indonesian, worst still, Mummer, Japanese, Korean, Thai. *Fainted* But because I have this unknown nationality face I love to play guessing games with people asking them where I am from. AHAHAHA.  

3) I love to bully and tease the ones I cared for and loved. So if you are one of those that always kena bully or tease by me means that you are someone that meant a lot to me. yeap. AHAHAHHA!!! 

4) I love taking photos and like to be taken. Camwhoring is one of them, but I don't only camwhore okay~ hahaha. I love to take photos because I feel that photos can capture the moment, capturing both the soul of the taken and the photographer. 

5) I am a very very clumsy, forgetful, person. Even if I am walking on a straight road I would just fall like I just started walking toddler. I also dk why, but this has been clinching on me lately. 

6) I like handicrafts, hand made stuff. I really love them. I like making them and I like buying them. This is like the super girl thing. I like them not just because I am a girl, but they are something meant from the heart. The crafter used their heart and soul to create every single piece of work. So touched and blessed lah~~ :D

7) I may not be a musically inclined person but I love music a lot. It's like part of me liddat. Where ever I go I am either have my earpieces on or I would play music up in my head. :D 

8) I may know little about the world. But sometimes I amused people with my useless facts and knowledge about the world. I have no idea why this happens, but somehow it just happens. Weird. YUP.

9) Freedom, happiness, is the most essential thing I want them in my life so dearly. Freedom which I can't get all the time, lead to depression. Sigh. But its okay. Even with the lack of Freedom I have in life, I would try my best to make myself happy. :D Even though at time putting up a smile on the face is really hard. However, I believe what ever circumstance or challenges I am going to face, I would face them with a smile on my face. At least must have the seh what. (seh= the looks). 

10) Learning passionately is what I would want to achieve in my life. I believe that studying is not about memorising, and stuffing all the information given into your head. Studying to me, is something what is going to be used in the life. Being able to study is a blessing. However, wasting your life studying like a robot and ace in them and not make them a skill in your life, is kind of ridiculous. If that's the case must well not study. 

11) To many of my good friends, they know that I am a very open minded girl. Yes. I admit that I am. The things I am doing may look ridiculous to you, but to me its just normal. However, I know up to an extend what I am doing. I may find it normal and I do it, but it doesn't mean that doing it means I accepts what I am doing. 

12) Temper, doesn't really exist in my dictionary. Yet, it doesn't mean that I don't have any. Just that my tolerance of things are relatively high, I don't snap so easily. Unless, you are an irritating, unkempt, impolite person. Otherwise, usually it is kinda hard to flare me up. 
Warning: if you ever did flare me up means I can't stand it anymore, and I dk what I can do to you k! So don't try. 
13) Movies, drama, entertainment stuff was my favourite of my life. But, lately I can survive without them. But, not books. I realised I read a lot this days compared to my past 17 years of life. hahaha. But I still love to watch movies, drama entertainment shows. The kind of shows I watch would mainly the romantic, mystery, detective genre. I have a fond on Japanese movies for some reason and I don't know why. And I love Ghibli Studio anime a lot. 

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14) Currently have a great obsession for heels. Just bought one super nice purple high heels. omg~ MY NEW LOVE~~~~~~~<3

15) To many my social circles may be quite big, however, many ain't the ones that I can talk my heart and soul out to them and ask for advise. Basically, turning to friends sometimes seems hard to me. And I feel bad turning to the same friend over and over again.

16) Always having a dream that I could reach 162 at least. So I would give it a try if there are any ways or secret dietary that can make me grow taller. hahahaha~ dream too much.

17) Big dreamer, that's me ~ haha~  I dream big, sometimes I feel that I dream too big that I get my hope too high and fell like a thud when I can't reach the goals. 

18) Prefer to be alone but not alone at heart. #Foreveralone ahahaha.

19) I loved to laugh, many who worked with me before would know that I practically laughed on every single thing. Literally. No matter its just a form of giggle or fake laugh. It sill considered as laughing. wahahaha. yup. 

20) LASTLY, I have to admit that I am a workaholic. I can slack but I am those kind that need to do something somehow. yeap. So practically during the holidays I work a lot. Even if its not during the hols I still worked to earn pocket money and transport fee. hahaha. So practically I am a freelancer. Freelance service crew, freelance copywriter, freelance model and a tutor. But I think I am gonna stop tutoring kinda tired. ahahaha. 

tada~~!! some little facts about me. yeap. :D wow. I can't believe that his post is kind of long~ ahahhaha. okay. thanks for reading~~ :D 

* if you would like me post anything, about beauty, about being a girl, how to make crafty, basically anything also can. if you do, please ask me using the ask.fm at the right column~ hahaha. I will try to make a post upon your request.~ * 

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