How to take nice zilian aka selfie

okay, there are many asking me how to take nice zilian photo of themselves, like what is the best angle the lighting, so yup, here I am going to blog about how to take nice selfies. Haha. Frankly speaking, I am not a beauty in the first place. hahaha.

Let's start of with face shape. First let's start of with finding out what is your face shape, take a look at the following image and try finding your face shape.

As for me , abit unglam... haha

its kind of square, the broad kind. 

okay, how to determine your face shape. first take a front photo of yourself using a camera. First you have to see if your chin is round or kind of sharp, and if your forehead is flat or is round. Then try drawing circles at the forehead, cheeks and chin. Do take the diagram at the top as reference,I know this is kind of hard, so just try your best. :D 

if you are those that are  diamond, V triangle, oval, face shape I would say you are very lucky. Because these face shape belongs to the natural beauty face shape, congratulation!!:D

But the face determination thing is just to let you know what your face shape is. It doesn't really have an exact answer that certain face shape will have the most upcamera face in all angles. yup.

For all face shape, one have to know which part of your face is more suitable to be shot by the camera. For you information, the left side of the face and your right is never the same, but if you are, another congratulation, you have the golden face shape. yay! but apparently mine isn't. sob* close enough but not totally. 

Let see. You can see I have a short forehead, and my face doesn't have much shape itself, it looks so flat. 

If you have short forehead like me, you can kind of exposed them a little, otherwise you make look kind of forehead-less, which is pretty ugly. 

next, a broad face like me, it would be nice if you have some hair to cover them, or you may try making your face a bit sharper and slimmer by holding your camera 45degree above your head a little like this. 

but what if you really have a broad and long forehead like heart face shape or long rectangular face shape? hmm. I suggest that you could try cutting a bangs to cover you forehead, or take selfies cutting part of the forehead away. yup. hope this helps. 

next,  for those with super round face, yes round like round, hmm. i tried helping one of my friend with ultimate round face, I think it would be better to take your selfies with a 45 degree tilted face facing the camera. and try making the camera just slightly above your head. 

looking for the right angle.

I like this part the most. Many of us have problems finding the perfect angle for yourself to look good on the camera. basically, it usually all sum up with your face shape itself. like for me, with broad and flat face, usually I will try to use my nose to make my face to have more shape together with the help of my hair, my face will look slimmer instantly when taking selfies. 

looks much sharper compare to the first photo. haha.

Did you notice that I like to tilt my head a little forward when taking selfies.  keeping my chin inner, thus when smiling my face looks slightly sharper. 

next, would be color tone. hmm. many people say i am kinda fair. hmm really ? okay whatever. 

For ones that have kind of fair tone, don't expose your face to sharp lighting or take photos in a very very bright area. if not you might look some what like this.  an overly exposed face with little features.
unless this is the effect you want. kind of cool though. one of my fav cos its cool. hahaha. 

but it looks horrible at the same time cos of the lack of features on your face. 

But on the other hand, if you have dark tone, you can exposed to light to a certain extend. but also dont over exposed yourself to the light. leave some features on your face as well. 

lastly, Cool camera apps that i used to make effects that suits selfies. I would recommend Cymera, Pudding Camera, PicsArt. Camera360, and Naver Camera. These camera applications are available for both iphones and andriod phones. yay! 

oh well, if you want to make funny faces while taking photos right, heehee. this really needs to explore. because some funny faces can ruin your selfies. Haha. 


an example of an unglam funny picture. gosh. All the ugly side of the face is exposed. so you wouldn't want this to happened right? hahaha. omg. so unglam. so if you want to make this kind of face. you have to make sure that it still look good in front of the camera. I shall do this same kind of expression but it good to be on camera. 

okay lah not say very glam but better than the first one. the face not so broad. and you could see the shape of the face better. not only your body need the shape your face needs them too.  hahaha. 

you can also make some collage like this cutting part of your face away. like that you can let people to draw the face shape themselves. 

oh no. camwhoring is also about sharing and involvement with others. adding another head in and the camera is not with you. oh no.  I can't control the camera now. how?! ((((;゚Д゚)))))))

haha.  being a professional zilian. is not easy. because one has to remember the camera angle during their exploration. so where ever the camera is, you can show your best side at the tip of your finger. and of cos if you are taking photos of someone, do give some breathing space. like this, 


yup. if you are really an expert you can take care of both yourself and your camwhore partner. so that both parties can be chio on the camera. YAY! 

hehe!! now now, reading this is not enough, you have to practice using your camera! and different camera the holding and the touch is different. once you get used to a certain camera on the phone or the camera body itself, try to stick with it. Because a new exploration is required for an unfamiliar camera! :D All the best in taking nice selfies! :D

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