Buzz Buzz Buzz, Busy

Just did a rough grading on the current  GPA I have now, to my disappointment it's only a 3.45. A great gap to 3.8... For the next return assignments up to 6 has to be of a 4.0 in order to pull my grades up to 3.8. And some assignments I am not so confident of getting a 4.0 which apparently is an A or and A+ grade.

This week is the presentation week. Yesterday's presentation was a success hope the next two will be as successful as yesterday's. Visual Communication and social psychology is a great barrier for me. Didn't manage to get an A all along. I need to buck up in order to maintain my GPA as a 4.0.

Jiayous! everything will be fine i guess. Need to focus on studying now. Examinations are two to three weeks from now. Though there are only two examination papers to complete but no matter what I have to put in my very best effort to complete the courses for this semester.

I guess I have been doing pretty well up till now, at least most of my projects are above average of the class, but I ain't sure about the cohort. Heard that T02 did pretty well for most courses as well. Kind of stress to have so many competitors around.

However, its really nice that most of my classmates are not free-loaders. Great to work with them. Love them loads.Really had fun together with them during lessons and are able to learn much from each other. Thanks a lot my lovely classmates. Great!

Now is time for me to continue with my visual Communication Video, wish me luck for thursday presentation! yay!

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