A very belated birthday+ getting fat.

Finally, after so many waiting months I got my birthday present from Jeremy kor kor. It was a prezzy from both kor and da sao. haha! It was so sweet of da sao to get me a small little bag.

Look at this! Its so cute right! <3 Love it!!!!

So did kor kor bought something for me. A soft toy. He loves buying me soft toy, the increase in the number of soft toys on my bed should credit to kor. 
The toy. According to kor, this is the only female character that line has as toy? idk?

yup, then kor had lunch with me at Ministry of Food in AMK hub. The food were lovely, but it is not really my style of taking the photos of the lovely food. You may want to try them out. We had Potato Salad with special sauce mayonnaise, its really nice!!! <3 love it. Of course, we had our main course. Unfortunately, I forgot what the title of the course, but I had oyako while kor had salmon. Finally, our Chocolate fondue, which apparently is my belated 'Birthday cake'. Haha. Its my first time for me to have a fondue as my birthday cake. We were full. Really full. I can't hardly walk. It was so full that until now I am still blotted. 

Yup. FULL!!!

With so much eating today, and days before, in addition to the lack of exercise due to the good life in poly, I gained weight! </3 

The only exercise I does in poly is the hills that I have to climb to go my faculty. Its bad. Cause the amount of exercise I have is tooooo little. I have been constantly eating and eating and eating due to certain boring lessons. So fats starts to grow on me. *sad*. So I have decided! I need to work out. At least do some exercise that will are helpful in losing weight. 

I shall do sit ups, each day increase by 5 sit ups and start off with 10. Jumping jack for 20 times and increase by 10 each day. leg lifting for 30 times and increase 10 each day. yup. and i shall stop eating sweetening stuff, no sugars, no sweets, no sugared drinks, no fried food for the next 2 months! yup! I really need to lose weight... *sob*. 

But I have to eat. Not eating will just put on more weight, and later meals will results in slower rate of weight losing. yup! 

YUP! the fat me! 

I am going to call it a day! seeya! 

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