Notice: My new email address


For some of you who have been following my blog closely would have noticed that my email address  has changed. Its not because I have really lame email address that I am shame of, it is just my previous email address is pretty much cramp with a lot of mails from all walks of life.

This particular email that I had been using is a multi-purpose email. Everything and anything that involves email is send right through that address. Half the time, I would be receiving 20+ mails per day and others just went to spam.  With all these mails coming in everyday, important mails from my beloved advertisers or agency would be drowned among them. Which has made me really guilty all the time for the delayed replies. Much apologies... :(

That's why I have decided to separate my mails. So introducing my brand new email address:

That's right. 
From now on, for any blog related mails kindly contact me at wabbithan[at]

Well, you still can reach me using But I may take longer than you expect to reply your mails. 


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