Julie Tan acted along side with Jiro Wang and Ady An.


Mediacorp artist Julie Tan who is nominate as the best actress in the recent Star Awards has acted along side with Jiro Wang, previous Fahrenheit (飛輪海) member
, and Ady An ,who is the lead of Autumn's Concerto (下一站,幸福), in her recent movie Mystery. 

Julie Tan also mentioned that she was both excited and nervous to be acting along side with Jiro Wang, as he was once her adolescence idol. She mentioned that she has learnt a lot from her both the actors who she acted along side with.

This is the first time Singapore has collaborated with Mainland China to produced a thriller film. With this opportunity, Julie has made her debut in Mainland China. Even though this is a first time in China, Julie was greatly praised by the director, Hu Bin.  

Through Mystery, Julie has also re discovered her passion for acting and became more determined grow in this industry. 

Mystery will be release on the 20 March 2015,  tickets are selling fast. Screening will only be held at Bugis+, Filmgarde. 

 Su MeiKe is a world-renowed fashion designer who was brought in an orphanage not knowing who her parents were or if they were still alive.

One day, she received a mysterious letter from the principal director at the orphanage. The letter contains details about Su MeiKe's parents. Armed with only the address in the letter, Su arrives at an abandoned house, trying to piece together the clues that may reveal more about her parent's past. However, she soon discovers the house was used to store antiques and empty coffins!

Just as the dusk turns to night, a strange knocking sound reverberates across the house. she could hear footsteps and the floorboard creaking above her but no one seemed to be living in the house!

Frightened and fearing for her safety, she decided to leave quickly. Just at the moment, ZhongGe appeared, assuring Su that he will help her. Emboldened by her friends's presence and support, she decides to investigate the house.
What past dark secrets will she uncover?

Ady An as Su MeiKe
Julie Tan as Agent
Jiro Wang as ZhongGe

Directed by Wu Bin who graduated from Beijing Film academy in Film Production Management. Wu has also taught at department of management as a professor of that institution.

Written by Wendy Lee Guan Lin
Produced by Eula Lee YuXuan

Ratings: PG
Duration: 82 Minutes.

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