[ADV] LookBooker Re-visit.

So weeks ago I did a review on LookBooker, here I am going to do a re-visit about it. It happened weeks ago, I was followed by LookBooker and instantly fell in love with their services.

This was an extract from my previous post: 
"LookBooker was founded by Renee Robbie and Giorgia Rossi, two Australian girls who met while working together at global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company. A simple background of what LookBooker is, basically, LookBooker is an online booking platform for the hair and beauty industry in Singapore. You can easily search, select, and instantly make salon appointments anytime through the internet

Even though LookBook is nearly 2 months old, they already have over 18,000 salons in Singapore! Honestly, I have not taken my actions in using LookBooker to make appointments yet, however, I am already tempted to use it after I have visited their website. The very first reason is: Its so simple!"

So a week after, I couldn't resist my temptation anymore, I finally tested out LookBooker. My first appointment using LookBooker : Salon B. 

So, this is how it looks like when you are doing your bookings. 

So on the right side of the screen is where you do your bookings. Once you have choose the time slot that you wanna do your haircut. You will be brought to the next page.

So this is where to enter your details and confirm your bookings. You can even add in additional notes for the salon.  After which you will receive a confirmation mail from LookBooker. 

I think I was pretty unlucky that day, there was a technical fault with the system and I had difficulties doing my booking. Being a little cranky and disappointment, I contacted Renee.

I am really glad that Renee actually get back to me within minutes and offered me help with my bookings.

After which, Renee made an appointment for me via her own system. This email came by: 

So, what I like about LookBooker is that, they have this reminder email and reminder text message. Pretty interesting, because usually we only get to receive either of it. I like how they send you reminders. Extremely useful to people like me who suffered from STM (Short Term Memory) packed. With these reminders, I am very sure that you wouldn't miss out any of your appointments again!. 

I have tried out LookBooker today and I guarantee that you will enjoy as much as how I have enjoyed it. Because it is Simple. Convenient. Accessible. Free. 

Check out my next post on Salon B. 
Proudly sponsored by LookBooker. 


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