Johnnie To is not a filmmaker, but an auteur.


Directed by Ferris Lin | Cast: Johnnie To, Shu Kei, Andy Lau, Sammi Cheng, Louis Koo, Lau Ching Wan | 2014 | 95min | Hong Kong | Type of film: Documentary | Chinese & Cantonese with English Subtitles | Rating: NC16

I would definitely say that even if you were neither a movie lover nor a film student you would have heard of Johnnie To and his marvelous films created over the past decades. I could easily name out many of his Blockbuster movies, such as Romancing in Thin Air (2012), Election 2 (2006) and the recent Blind Detective (2013). 

Ferris Lin made a unique approach in documenting Boundless, where he did not mention about To's life, nor his works or setting up Milkyway Image, his own production house, in 1996. However Boundless is consist a wide array of themes discussing about his relationship with Mainland market, as well as the feelings he have towards the new generations as well as the re-birth of the film industry. 

To’s bawling out at his Mainland crew during the shoot for Romancing in Thin Air marks the opening of the film. It was 30 years later after filming The Enigmatic Case (1980) where To decided to try the market again with Romancing in Thin Air and Drug War (2013). 

In 1996, the world faced a crisis, a financial crisis. This crisis has made an impact on To’s production house, Milkyway Image. Facing the crisis for not being able to pay for rental fees or production fees, he still insisted in creating films in that year. Thus, Fireline(1997) was made. 

While Exiled (2006) was actually a film made with no script, and no idea where it was going. Another Blockbuster movie, Election 2(2006) was used as a “weapon” to voice out to that HongKong politics had been intervened by Mainland China. 

Generally, the documentary covers the waterfront in its freely ranging way and, most importantly, shows what makes one of Hong Kong's hardest working film-makers tick.

Even though Boundless may not be as exciting as an action pack film, but it would be an inspiring film to many filmmakers out there. I envied Ferris Lin who has the opportunity to witness on how Johnnie To directed his films. In my opinion, Boundless is certainly more comprehendible compared to Johnnie Got His Gun! (2010) directed by Yves MONTMAYEUR, a French documentarian.

If you like Johnnie To and his marvelous films created over the decade, it is definitely gonna be a must watch documentary for you. This will be the first time Singapore will be screening Boundless in an uncut version. 

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