#9 Back To School Series: Beginner's Guide to Photoshop.

Hey lovelies,

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I just wanna share with you guys on how I do my photoshop. Here are some of my works, it's original as well as it's final.





For Aspiring photographers or bloggers like me who loves to snap photos with their DSLR or Digital camera, basic knowledge on Photoshop can enhance your photos pretty well. I wouldn't say that I am a professional in photography or Photoshop editing, all I want is to share my little tricks and skills to achieve these looks.

First of all, I will start off with Brightness or Exposure.

This is to adjust the exposure. Exposure shifts the value for the entire photo.

This is to adjust the brightness. Brightness is different from Exposure, brightness increase the mid-tone.

Play with these two functions until you are satisfied with the brightness that you want to achieve. It can take some time for beginners. Not due to the fact that it is difficult to adjust, but not knowing whether the brightness is enough. 

So tips from Wabbithan: Practice! 

Secondly, my favourite step of the day. Adjusting the Contrast! I usually love my photos to be on high contrast. But, right now I am trying to explore on low contrast photos. It creates a pale, vintage feel. 

If you realise when you rollover to the Brightness icon, it also comes with the option contrast. The fastest way for beginners to adjust their photos are to click onto the [Auto] button on the top right hand corner.

Another ways to adjust contrast is:
Click on the curves icon. 

So at the preset there will be a list of options available for you to choose on. Unless you are keen in doing special form of photos, otherwise you can ignore Color Negative(RGB), Color Process and Negative(RGB). 

You can play with other options, I would say this is slightly more difficult to handle. But like I said, you can just click on the [Auto] button, and Photoshop will do the work for you. If you would like to challenge yourself or be a little more adventurous, you could try shifting the dots and see what kind of effect you could achieve! :D 

Next, if I would want to achieve some kind of vintage look. Cyan, lomo, Sepia and stuff like that. you could try this option as well: 
This is a Photo Filter option. 

And here are the options that you can choose from to create filters for your photos. 

I ain't too sure if these gonna be helpful. Or should I do a Youtube Video on this? Maybe its clearer? do comment on the box below if you wish to have a Youtube Video on this! Hope you peeps love my mini tutorial on Photoshop! 

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