Moving on with blogger.

It has been years ever since I uses blogger to blog, have switched to wretch in the early years of my teenhood. The reason why I came back using blogger is because wretch is creating a big problem for me. I will still blog there but you will never get to see what I blog, its meant for my little world not to be   publicise to the world.

Just a little start up who is Zelene. Yup, Zelene is me, the owner of this blog. Congratulations that you have found me. Great. Zelene, is not really a blogger though she loves to write stories and rant, but she is not a real blogger. She usually blogs about her life, her story.

She currently studying in the top most polytechnic in this little red dot as a Chinese Media and Communication student. (Give her a clap k! ) She still lives with her parents apparently, but Zelene really hope to move out and live all alone. Because of that she lives with curfew. *SAD*

Zelene is really blur, and always mis-comprehend others sentences and make a fool of herself. She is kinda clumsy, and stares at people unintentionally( cos she has big big pretty eyes), she love to eat.

She is never satisfied with her body shape, trying to keep slim and pretty is her daily worries. But the ironic thing is that when it comes to food, she doesn't seem to care if she is not maintaining.

Alright, Zelene is in love. That's right. But kinda sad, keep falling for an older guy. This time has already hit my record of 8 years. Good job, Darling. Oh well, not like I could stop myself from falling in love. He has been ignoring me for two days straight. Whatever, just let him be then.

Busy with my school work recently. Taking photos for my assignments and so on, what a hectic holiday. Great.

Oh yeah, Zelene has turned herself into a crazy freak for drawings, she has been drawing her little people on her notes, on papers, everywhere basically. That's all I think. As for pictures, I don't think I would be posting them this time round.

So bye peeps, cya the next time round~~~ :D

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