Innovative unique fitness activities at The Mandarin Gallery


Mandarin Gallery located right in the middle of the bustling Orchard road is known for its high-end retail space and also is the first shopping mall in Singapore to introduce a series of curated lifestyle activities concepts. Allowing shoppers to be engaged in immersive activities reinforcing physical experience, where shopping, dining and playing can all be done in one space.

Following the successful inaugural edition of The Gallery Experience last December withSilent Night: A Hush Hush Festive Weekend featuring silent yoga sessions and silent disco parties, Mandarin Gallery is excited to invite you to the second edition of The Gallery Experience: Featherlight

Designated indoors and outdoors areas were transformed into Instagram-worthy spaces where participants could fully immerse in innovative and trendy workouts such as Surf Set and Barre in unconventional spaces. Mandarin Gallery also brought back Silent Yoga, following the overwhelming response from shoppers who took part in the inaugural edition of The Gallery Experience 
last December.

Had some fun with Surf Set session at the entrance of The Mandarin Gallery, never been on a surf board and was really thrilled to be on one. A physically demanding sports that requires strong core movement incorporating with a good sense of balance which apparently I have none. Well, the outcome: AMAZING. The only challenge I had was to overcome the fear of falling off the board. Even though I took really long to get that sense of balance, I managed to stand single legged on it. The sense of fulfilment was really satisfying, I would definitely do Surf Set in the coming future. 

As I already had plans in the afternoon, I only managed to do one more activity after Surf Set which is Yoga. I haven't been doing Yoga for a long period of time, when I said long it means more than 5 years. Yoga session was a huge challenge for me when flexibility is no longer my strength.  Nonetheless, I had loads of good stretching moments and core training. 

The Gallery Experience series of pop-up events is a monthly affair at Mandarin Gallery, focusing not only on fitness but also other lifestyle activities including food & beverage as well as arts & craft themed events.
Looking forward to the next edition of The Gallery Experience, set to take place in April next month.Till then I would keep training. 

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