A Better Life: Failing Gracefully.


Success and Failure comes together as a package; most of us adore success, but we shall not forget that success are being build onto our failures. I wouldn't consider myself as a successful person, however, my life has bought me some highs and achievements. But, at times the smallest failure that I experience can actually outweighe the biggest success. Like many, I didn't enjoy failing. After many times of crying in the corner, feeling disheartened,  I finally master the art of failing gracefully. Definitely not an easy task, especially when I am a people pleaser myself.

In fact, failures isn't that bad after all, but is a matter on how you handle them. Failures are frequently accompanied with wonderful and amazing lessons that one can learn from. Even so, I always remind myself that "No more second time." Here's how I manage my failures and making sure history doesn't repeats itself. 

Yes, accept your failures gracefully. Just accept it that things don't work out, there's nothing you can do. Falling into depression, crying your lungs out would not change the fact that you have failed, nothing is gonna make it better. Wholeheartedly accept your failures, have some hysterical moment, and then move on

After you have take the edge off, don't walk away with your failures blindly. Never ever walk off without reflecting what went wrong. Maybe you worked with the wrong team mates, or maybe things ain't in your favour. Whatever it maybe, be sure what actually went wrong so you can prevent the same mistakes twice. 

Knowing what on earth went wrong, don't just "yea, I know it." and stick to your old habits. That's not gonna work. Question yourself on how you can actually make things better, or if similar situations were to appear again how would you settle it. Like I said, failing isn't that bad, but when failing again is. 

This is something I really love. Every time I failed, I discover treasure. Through these horrible failures, I can actually discover my strength, my weakness, and gain experiences that my peers might not have. Discovering this treasure is much more challenging than reflecting upon your failures and changing them, it takes courage. Some failures can be really really painful, but I can assure you that there is always a beautiful lesson to be learnt.

Just keep in mind that we are human, we make mistakes. I understand that perfectionist are gonna take a bit of time to digest that sentence. Nobody is gonna stop you for being hard on yourself, but bear in mind that we are humans too. 

Lastly, work on them. You will not fail gracefully if you only were to digest them. During the process I get bruised, scratched, fractured or even broken. In fact, these failures mould who am I today, it pushes me forward. You may fail to fail gracefully and hurt yourself at first, but the way you handle your failures will either make you stronger or break you. 

Have courage, and master the art of failing gracefully. You are stronger than you think, you will be amazed by that. 

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