You can make a mark in Singapore's naval history!

If you remember, I posted a series of photos of myself going to SAF50 at vivo on my Instagram about a month ago... 

So here's the real deal for you! From now till 29 March, You can make a mark in Singapore's Naval History!  What's more you may even win cash prizes up to $3000! Grab this opportunity and mark your name in the Naval History!

The Republic of Singapore Navy is launching a new fleet of Littoral Mission Vessels, and you are invited to be part of the legacy by naming the Navy's future Littoral Mission Vessel! 

These new LMVs can be quickly configured to address a wide range of mission requirements; ranging from search and rescue operations to naval combat. Make your mark by conferring the eight new vessels with strong and deserving names. Visit to submit your names and for more information.

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