19th Earthling Anniversary.

Well Hello girlfriends (and boyfriends)! Its been a long while since I have update about myself? Can't really remember when was the last time I actually mention about my life to you. Apologies for that, do forgive me alright? Has been a little busy with proposals lately.  Today, I have a story to tell.

March 18, is a significant day to me. On this day, it marks my Earthling Anniversary. In 2015, it is my 19th Anniversary. But, I am not alone. My girlfriend happened to have hers the following day. So, we decided to celebrate together! 

And really thankful to MR Bakes, for this wonderfully made Earthling Anniversary cake. 
Founded by two lovely ladies, Mandy & Rachel, MR Bakes has been giving wonderful moments to married couples, newborn babies and many other Earthling Anniversaries since last may! 

Confession: We are a little not too sure what we want for the cake. Apparently, I wanted an owl and she wanted a barbie. So.. We had a fusion here. 

Since I love surprises, I left all the creativity and flavourings to my trusted sponsor. 
So, I was presented with a Chocolate cake with Lemon Buttercream between the layers and Vanilla Buttercream on the external. 

Honestly, I never had high expectations for online food industry. However, when Rachel first presented the cake to me, I was in total disbelief. The owls were just too 

Human beings are visual animals by nature. Thus, judging by the superb decorations, I assumed the cake was yummy too. To my slight disappointment, it didn't really match up to its appearance. 

Personally, I am not a big fan of buttercream. When consumed in large amount I will feel kinda sick.  
However, I liked how the buttercream melted over the chocolate cake in my mouth, creating a smooth texture over the spongy chocolate cake. If you prefer strongly flavoured food, Vanilla Buttercream may be too bland for you. But it tasted perfectly fine to me. 

Other than eating with Vanilla Buttercream, the chocolate cake goes well by itself too! It's rich in flavour and the texture is really fluffy, like clouds! 

Love the service! You can definitely expect a reply from them within 48 hours! 

Grading system
Design and Decoration: 9 Rabbits. 
Tastiness: 6.5 Rabbits. 
Service: 9 Rabbits. 
Satisfaction: 10 Rabbits.

Girlfriend: Ehh, the flower can eat not?
Me: Cannot. Come here and cut the cake with me.

Head over to MR Bakes's Facebook page or Instagram for more details! 

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