What "BLOGGERS" are?

Recently, I experienced something that I never expected in my entire life. It was extremely immature, and has made my wonder what does being a blogger mean?

Alright, let me ask you, what was your original thought when you first heard about the word "blog"? In case you didn't know what it is, blog originates from two words "web" and "log" = "weblog". On the other hand, a blogger is a person who writes content for a weblog. 

But in today's world. Any one and everyone who owns a blog can call themselves a blogger. Or should I say that everyone is thirsty for fame? Create an account with Blogger, Instagram and Facebook and *Majestically* officially self-titled as BLOGGER/INFLUENCER! #ohplease! 

That's not what bloggers are. 

I first started blogging in 2008 with Wretch.cc. Unfortunately, in the early 2013 Wretch.cc has decided to close down and it was then I became a Blogger user. I started a blog with the idea in mind that I want to share my stories, my creations and experiences with everyone. 

I never expect any sponsorships, collaboration, invites to cover events, to be someone like Xiaxue or Naomi. It was pure luck, that I became a resident blogger with The Shoe Hysteria. It wasn't for long. But that was when I get serious in blogging. I totally treat this as a career of mine, not a xmm (little gal) game! 

However, due to the change that blogging world has, I could safely say that more than half of the population in Singapore have this misconception that bloggers are about writing reviews, having fabulous OOTDs on Instagram, having a substantial amount of followers and getting sponsored from head to toe, necessities to leisures. Well, I wouldn't deny that I never did these things. But, BITCH, IT TAKES MORE THAN JUST FUCKING AROUND LIKE THAT *Pissed* to sustain in this saturated, competitive pool of people.

1. Professional V.S "BLOGGER"

Just blog only. 

Being professional blogger is a knowledge, not anyone who can write, take nice photos can be a blogger. Its like saying, posing for your OOTDs doesn't make you a model.

I may not be 100% grammatically correct, or 100% making sense, but writing well matters.  
If you don't know, I read and re-read my articles to furnish my writings all the time (even now). 

Being consistent and providing content that my readers can relate to is important to me. 
 I definitely would not review on things that I don't trust or believe in.  
It also matters to me not to be defeated by those who attack me and belittle me.

Next, who doesn't love the feeling of being embrace under the spot light? If you really didn't like them, fucking shut yourself off from social media! I admit I love the attention given by my readers, because from there I know I am being recognised. 

Chasing after the number likes and followers, making your number to increase in hundreds or even thousands each day. That's not a crime. But if you get cocky thinking you are diva, it totally show how shallow your character is. It's true that the 'popz' gets to be sponsored, however, I don't think there's anything to flaunt or boost about. Honestly, are you that penniless that you can't even afford any of them. I can't deny that I don't talk about them, but they ain't the only thing I concerned about!

2. Fame.

OMG! Thank you for liking my photo babe! 

 Seeking fame in blogging used to be something I thirst for, but right now frankly speaking, I am not into something like that. I am not even kidding. Months back, I met this gal at We are the Furballs, and she commented that I am quite a popz on Instagram. All I did was "Nah, I am not. It's just a figure." 

 I have heard thousands of times or maybe millions of times by people around me saying that I wanted fame and I am doing an easy way out by being a blogger.

Well, I wouldn't deny that I want to get exposure and recognition. I admit that I have been liking photos randomly on Instagram to expose myself to more people, in return, they may visit my blog.  I adore recognition but that doesn't mean that I am thirsty for fame. 

You can do whatever you want by posing OOTDs, getting likes and followers, but getting famous is totally different from recognition. 

I am not a national blogger, nor someone who make it big. But I put in effort and courage to become who I am today. 

3. Snatching the limelight

People around are all talking about me! 

It takes more than what you think to be successful. I am still far from success, but I am willing to sacrifice myself to anything to believe that I can succeed in blogging. Success is like respect, you earn them. Even if you happened to be in one of a viral videos today and became the talk of the nation. Then, what' next? You can't be in the spotlight forever from one single viral video. Some one from another viral video will replace you sooner or later. 

I totally admire people like Naomi and KayKay, even though they have once hit the bottom, they remain strong, and prove to those haters that they are wrong!

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