With this, making appointments can never be any easier than this.

It's getting more and more exciting every single day, with so many tech savvy applications such as Sugar, Grabtaxi and many many other mobile applications that has made our life so much better. Of course, to improve the beauty industry in Singapore we have LookBooker.

LookBooker was founded by Renee Robbie and Giorgia Rossi, two Australian girls who met while working together at global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company. A simple background of what LookBooker is, basically, LookBooker is an online booking platform for the hair and beauty industry in Singapore. You can easily search, select, and instantly make salon appointments anytime through the internet

Even though LookBook is nearly 2 months old, they already have over 18,000 salons in Singapore! Honestly, I have not taken my actions in using LookBooker to make appointments yet, however, I am already tempted to use it after I have visited their website. The very first reason is: Its so simple! 

I think being in this era we are being exposed to so many choices, and it's hard to be satisfied with just one or two given to us. So LookBooker is pretty much similar to an online marketplace where you can search for the services you want either by location, or salon/stylist that you have already know.

They provide a range of salon, spas, barbers and nail spots that LookBooker has carefully selected to satisfied different consumers in Singapore. On top of that if you are new to the services, they provide a list of services along with prices on the page itself. How awesome it is! :D

Why am I tempted to try out LookBooker? Simple. Convenient. Accessible. Free.  All I have to do is  pick a time that suits me, enter my detail and poof! I am all done.

Try it yourself today!


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