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Got a little exhausted these days, and reluctant to do some blogging. hehe. But I am not gonna disappoint you anymore. 

Doomsday. Party 末日. 派对
Like most of the Hong Kong Films, Doomsday. Party is a typical Hong Kong Film. In this these movie, 5 strangers’ lives will become intertwined as a result of a bank heist. There are a misunderstood college dropout, a bank clerk who’s stuck in a love triangle, a good cop suffering from Glaucoma, a widow who abandoned and a retired teacher plan to commit suicide inside the bank. The robbery will change their lives forever, but will they get a fresh start or to a point of no return?
Doomsday. Party is definitely a movie that can let your adrenaline rush like never before. Are you ready for it? 


Director 導演:Ho Hong 何康
   Cast 主演: Paul Wong 黃貫中,Kay Tse 謝安琪,Kelvin Kwan 關楚耀, Teddy Robin 泰迪羅賓

HongKong 香港 || 2013 || 97分鐘 || NC 16 (Some Nudity and Sexual Scene 些許裸露及性相關畫面)

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